Best GFX Tool For Android 11 – PUBG Mobile – 60-90FPS

Best GFX Tool For Android 11 – PUBG Mobile – 60-90FPS

If you want to boost your FPS in PUBG Mobile, you can use the GFX Tool. The gfx tool is an unofficial program, not created by the developers. It increases the FPS and offers better graphics. However, there are certain limitations of this program. You should use it at your own risk. The following tips can help you choose the best gfx tool for Android.

PUBG Mobile GFX Tool

The PUBG Mobile GFX Tool is a simple but highly effective application that allows you to tweak the game’s graphics settings to make it look as good as possible. It includes features such as HDR graphics, customizable shadows, extreme FPS levels, and much more. While advanced gamers will definitely benefit from the GFX Tool Pro, beginners will likely be able to benefit from its beginner-friendly interface. This tool is available for both Android 11 and older versions.

This app allows you to play PUBG Mobile at up to 90 frames per second on your Android or iPhone device. It also allows you to play the game at 60-90 FPS without any noticeable lag or stuttering. With the PUBG Mobile GFX Tool, you can take advantage of this feature on any Android or iPhone smartphone. In addition, the PUBG Mobile GFX Tool for Android 11 allows you to play the game at 60-90 frames per second.


This BGMI GFX Tool for pug mobile v1.7.0 mod apk is a free utility launcher that unlocks all the graphics in PUBG Mobile v1.7.0. It works on a range of devices from low-end to high-end and can be configured to optimize graphics settings for your device. Besides, this tool also removes unnecessary files, adware, and temporary files from your device. In addition, you can upgrade weapons, aim accuracy, and customize characters in-game.

The BGMI GFX Tool for ubg mobile v1.4.2 mod is compatible with high-end Android devices, so you won’t have to worry about getting banned. Another great feature of this PUBG mobile mod is that it won’t change the game values, so your account won’t be banned. It will, however, unlock the 60-90 FPS option in the BGMI and Pubg mobile mods. To download and install this mod, simply click the links below. The application will open in the app drawer.

GFX Tool Pro

Using a GFX Tool to increase your PUBG mobile’s frame rate is easy. There are many options available for your settings, such as resolution, frames per second, and type of graphics. Once you’ve selected your settings, launch the game from within the app. You’ll immediately see a noticeable difference in the speed and quality of your game.

The GFX Tool Pro MOD APK will give you access to auto customization options and premium features. You can also enable cheat codes and remove unwanted files and advertisements. This mod will enhance your gaming experience without slowing you down or affecting your phone’s performance. The GFX Tool Pro app will also increase your phone’s memory, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space.

Another advantage of this tool is that it is free. PUBG GFX Tool can help you optimize your game with 60-90FPS. It can also help you set the FPS to extreme levels, which may be beneficial for some players. However, be aware of the risks involved, including excessive heat and a depleted battery. If you’re a beginner, this tool will be perfect for you. It supports PUBG mobile for Android devices, and requires no technical expertise.

BGMI & NewState GFX Tool

Whether you’re playing the PUBG mobile version on an Android phone or tablet, you should be able to find the GFX Tool for PUBG. The GFX Tool can increase the game’s FPS by setting the resolution, graphics, and shadows to the highest settings possible. Generally, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be. The best PUBG Mobile optimization tool will enable you to play the game at 60-90FPS without sacrificing the quality of the game.

The PUBG GFX Tool comes with a wide range of settings, and the most important one is the game version. The resolution directly affects the FPS, so it’s important to choose the right one based on your specs. You don’t want to go with a low resolution, as you’ll end up with blurry graphics. Choose a resolution that is 1280X720 for optimal performance. The smoother your graphics are, the less lagging they will be, and the less your game will run slow.

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