ehsaas program 14000

Ehsaas Program 14000 Increases Stipend

When applying for the Ehsaas program, you must register at the nearest registration center and provide your biometric information. During registration, you will be asked questions related to your National Identification Number, husband’s name and family members. You will also be asked about your financial status and sources of income. Besides, you will be asked to provide details about your property and how much you earn from it.


The One-Stop-Ehsas-Shop for EHSAS program is a one-stop-shop that facilitates users to access all aspects of the EHSAS program in one place. The shop is now open in Sitara Market in Islamabad, Pakistan. All areas of the city have windows exchange for information and resource sharing. Back office integration provides users with easy access to the relevant links and resources.

The new One-Stop-Ehsas-Shop will distribute educational vouchers and scholarships to disadvantaged households and empower them with the means to improve their lives. This will allow these women to gain access to modern technologies such as computers and internet. Additionally, the One-Stop-Ehsaas-Shop will provide many other services to benefit EHSAS program beneficiaries.

The One-Stop-Ehsas-Shop for EHSAS program fourteen thousand will facilitate the adoption of the Ehsaas One-Window targeting policy. The new system will allow Ehsaas agencies to access data from the NSER in real time. The Integrated Database will enable agencies to validate the eligibility of potential beneficiaries. It will also provide an overview of all benefits in the Ehsaas Program under PASSD agencies.

Biometric information required

The Ehsaas Program has been extended by PM Imran Khan to a total of 14000 beneficiaries in the country. The cash will be handed out only to poor women who successfully complete the survey and register themselves. During registration, applicants will be asked for information such as their National Identification Number (NIC), the name of their husband or wife, and the family members’ names. There will also be questions regarding the property they own.

The Ehsaas Program has also introduced centers at various government schools. These centers will be operational from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be manned by staff members from the Education Department and the bank. The goal of this program is to provide 12000 rupees for each deserving family. Various centers have been established near the homes of deserving women to facilitate these applications.

Online application

The Ehsaas program requires the beneficiary to register his CNIC number and phone number. This registration will let him receive SMS from the Ehsaas to confirm receipt of his money. The SMS should contain the number 8171. Beware of scams! The number 8171 will only send SMS to the registered phone number and not to any other numbers. The beneficiary should follow the instructions to get his money as soon as possible.

Ehsaas program registration 14000 is a free application that guides users to check if they are eligible. You can use this application to check if you are eligible for this government loan. If you meet all eligibility requirements, you can apply for the loan. In addition to the application process, you can get useful information about the program by using the Ehsaas Program app.

Stipend amount

The government has announced to increase the stipend amount of the Ehsaas program to fourteen thousand rupees per month. This is a relief measure for people in need of extra cash. Currently, five million people are receiving the stipend, while another three million are earning around Rs20,000 a month. This does not include another two million people, including vendors and daily wage workers, who are not registered under the stipend program.

After registering for the Ehsaas program, you will receive SMS notifications. You will also receive SMS notifications through NADRA. The Ehsaas database will store the name of eligible applicants. The government will then send the names of the recipients to the designated bank account. Once you receive the money, you will receive an SMS letting you know that you have received your funds.

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