ehsaas program website

Ehsaas Program Website

If you’re looking to apply for the Ehsaas programme, you can now check whether you have met the eligibility criteria by registering online. The website contains all the information that you’ll need to get started, including the registration process, cash transfer, and CNIC check. Read on to learn more. The deadline to register for the programme is near! So, what are you waiting for? Get online and check your eligibility today!

Online registration

In order to participate in the Ehsaas Program, you must be eligible. Eligibility is verified by CNIC number. After registering, you should visit the nearest Ehsaas program center and submit your CNIC number. Once the management reviews your application, you will be allowed or disapproved. Once approved, the management will contact you and give you details about the cash distribution.

You can register for the Ehsaas program by filling out the form online or visiting the nearest Ehsaas Registration Center. The online application form will be available soon. You must present your National Identity Card and undergo biometric verification to qualify for Ehsaas. Kiflat payments will be made permanently after September. You will receive receipt messages from 8171. A valid CNIC will be required to receive the quarterly stipend.

CNIC check

Before visiting the polling stations, you need to verify your CNIC or phone number with the Ehsaas Program website. This check can be done online with the help of a guide. The website will also tell you if you are eligible for cash payments. If so, you can proceed to the polling centers. Alternatively, you can download the Ehsaas mobile app on Google Playstore.

To use the Ehsaas Program website CNIC check online facility, you must have a valid CNIC number. There are two main methods to check your CNIC: the official portal and the NADRA office. Once you’ve visited one of these portals, you can enter your CNIC number and click the submit option to obtain your status. You can also check your application status with the help of the CNIC check online.

Cash transfer

To qualify for an emergency cash grant through the Ehsaas program, individuals must meet certain criteria. For example, they must be 25 percent women. This means that Ehsaas funds cover only about 12 percent of the population of women who live in poverty. This gender gap is limiting the access of women to 75 percent of the emergency cash disbursement. In order to provide emergency financial assistance to more women, the Ehsaas program must close this gender gap.

In addition to addressing the gender gap, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program aims to help alleviate the socio-economic impact of a crisis in Pakistan. The programme provides emergency cash to over 15 million displaced individuals through biometrically-enabled cashpoints. The Ehsaas program is the result of years of hard work and research to address the complex and uncertain context it was created to address.


In a recent announcement, the Special Assistant of the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation, Dr Sania Nishtar, extended the deadline for applying for the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program. The deadline for the program is now December 31, 2021. Students must submit the necessary documents online, and the deadline has been extended accordingly. The list of eligible universities and the deadline for applications can be found here.

The deadline for the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program has been extended until 31 December 2021 in order to help the maximum number of deserving students apply. Originally, the deadline for applications was December 10, but the extension was announced on Twitter by the Higher Education Commission. The scholarship program supports undergraduate degrees at selected public sector universities in Pakistan. The students must meet the eligibility criteria and have secured admission through merit.


The government launched a parallel policy initiative called Ehsaas Kafalat, a scheme that provides poor women with a cash stipend. The programme is aimed at various objectives, including giving poor women access to smartphones, an important step towards digital inclusion. While the majority of recipients will receive the cash, some will also receive education grants, free housing, and healthcare.

To ensure the highest possible success rate, the emergency cash scheme is complemented by a new SMS service. This SMS will contain the beneficiary’s name, CNIC number, and the name and address of the designated bank branch. The SMS is sent by Ehsaas to the mobile phone of the beneficiary, who must be present at the branch and have his or her original CNIC. The SMS must also include the message about the payment, indicating that it is from Ehsaas.

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