games like subway surfers

Games Like Subway Surfers

Games like Subway Surfers are great options for those who love endless running and jumping games. The developers, Kiloo, a private company from Denmark, released this addictive game in 2007. The object of this game is to navigate an endless world and run as far as you can, dodging obstacles along the way. If you haven’t yet played it, you can learn more about this game by reading this review. We’ve compiled some of the best games like Subway Surfers so you can choose the right one.

Sonic Dash

If you enjoy games that have a lot of action, you might want to check out Sonic Dash. Like Subway Surfers, the game involves jumping, sliding, and avoiding obstacles. In addition, the game also has a variety of soundtracks and in-app purchases. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new characters, power-ups, and boosters.

There are many Sonic Dash alternatives available. If you like to play a lot of running games, you’ll likely enjoy this one. This endless runner lets you play as hedgehog Sonic. You’ll dash through 3D environments collecting rings and avoiding obstacles, all while dodging and sliding under obstacles. You can also use Sonic’s trademark homing attack to get past enemies. There are many levels to complete, so it’s hard to get bored playing this game.

Temple Run 2

If you loved the first Temple Run game, then you will surely enjoy the sequel. This game is also an endless runner and is very similar to Subway Surfers, but with a few new twists. This time around, you can jump over obstacles and slide to make it to the next level. You can also buy power ups, unlock new characters, and much more. You will find this game extremely addictive.

Unlike the previous game, Temple Run 2 includes a knight character in the game. You play as him, and he will face enemies in his way. He is accompanied by a sword, and you can switch sides to dodge them. You can also buy upgrades for your character by collecting coins. The game is available on the Google Play store. You can play this game for free or purchase it through in-app purchases.

Agent Dash

Subway surfers, Agent Dash, and Temple Run are all platforming video games. All of them let you run through beautiful environments while avoiding hazards thrown by evil megalomaniacs. While you’re running through these worlds, you’ll need to use spy gadgets like jetpacks and parachutes. These games feature super-fine HD 3D graphics, realistic sound, and great game-play.

These games all revolve around speed and avoiding obstacles as you run across enemy territory. As you run, you’ll also collect gems, which you use to purchase new characters and weapons. You can also spend gems to buy new weapons and armor to enhance your performance. And of course, you’ll need to fend off the enemy’s security guards! It’s not easy, so you’ll need to be fast!

Jetpack Joyride

If you love playing games with a ninja-like protagonist, you’ll enjoy Jetpack Joyride, a game like subway surfers that features cool 3D graphics. It’s easy to play with a controller, but its core appeal is its addictive gameplay. Jetpacks are used to jump, travel through tight spaces, and collect power-ups. And like subway surfers, you’ll never run out of fun to play with this jetpack.

The game follows the story of Barry Steakfries, a thief who steals an advanced jetpack from a secret military lab. Along the way, he must avoid laser beams, missiles, and zappers. The controls are simple, and the graphics are top-notch. Players will quickly become addicted to the game. You can play it for free and have a blast while playing it!

Saily Seas

If you’re bored with the same old gameplay of subway surfers, try out Saily Seas instead. This endless-running game features mysterious creatures and mystical seas. It’s available for Android and iOS. It offers rewarding challenges, atmospheric sounds, and a constantly changing weather system. If you love playing subway games, you’ll love Saily Seas. Here are some of its highlights:

In Saily Seas, players will play the role of a knight, who must overcome enemies to reach their goal. He is accompanied by a sword, and can switch sides to avoid the enemies. He also has a shield, which disappears after a certain time if he’s attacked. If you get hit by an enemy, you’ll need to use your shield to survive, and you’ll have to move quickly and change sides to do so.

Bendy and the Nightmare Run

The first release of Bendy and the Ink Machine is now a spin-off of the game for mobile devices, Bendy and the Nightmare Run. Featuring four episodic episodes, Bendy and the Nightmare Run has already received a cult following. The game is also available on Hot Topic, where players can purchase Bendy-themed clothing and toys. But the sequel may be even better.

The gameplay of Bendy and the Nightmare Run is reminiscent of other endless runners, with a similar swipe-and-tap interface. You’ll want to tap and swipe to move, while tapping and holding your finger to shoot a weapon will let you shoot enemies. Several of the enemies, like the creepy ogre, are also available as weapons, and you can buy them with Bendy’s soup.

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