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GFX Tool BGMI Mod Apk For PUBG 2.1

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI 2.1 APK Mod is a great way to increase the graphics of your games. This mod unlocks HDR graphics for even lower-end devices. It increases your framerate to up to 90 FPS and also controls shadow effects. It also lets you change your screen resolution and brightness. As a result, your games will look better than ever!

PUBG 2.1

PUBG 2.1 has recently received a major update with the BGMI v2.1 mod. The new BGMI v2.1 mod will add more features, including customizable in-game settings. This mod will be free to download and use, so there’s no need to root your device. Moreover, you can use the same version of the application on both rooted and unconfigured devices. You won’t need to sign up for the GFX Tool Pro, and there are no automatic updates. And since Google does not verify the GFX Tool bgmi mod apk for PUBG 2.1, you can be sure that you’ll never receive an ad-based update from the developer.

PUBG Mobile is a highly-demanding mobile game, and as a result, the game uses a large amount of power. In order to experience smooth gameplay, you need to optimize the graphics settings on your device. The GFX Tool Pro GFX & Optimizer mod apk for PUBG 2.1 is a great way to customize the settings to ensure that you have the best visual experience possible.

PUBG 2.1

GFX Tool Pro for PUBG 2.1 is an excellent tool to optimize the graphics in your game. The program unlocks HDR graphics, so you can play the game at the highest quality on your lower-end device. It also helps you increase the frame rate up to 90 FPS, speeds up random memory, and adjusts screen resolution and brightness. All these features help you improve the game’s graphics and overall performance.

To install the GFX Tool for PUBG, you’ll need to first download the apk file from below. Make sure to enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option in your phone’s settings to prevent the installation of harmful apps. Next, launch the game from within the app to see the new settings. Once you’ve completed the installation process, you’re all set to play the game.

PUBG Mobile

Using a GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile is a great way to enhance the game’s graphics and performance on your Android phone or tablet. The tool works on both Android 11 and older versions of the operating system. It has many features, including HDR and UHD modes, full control over shadows and anti-aliasing, and enhanced audio and video quality. It is available for free download.

Unlike other PUBG Mobile mods, this tool is undetectable and is designed to improve your experience. It also helps you unlock HDR graphics, which are otherwise unavailable on low-end devices. It’s safe to download and install, and it comes with a lot of good settings. The PUBG GFX Tool can be downloaded for free from Google Play and ApkLod.


PUBG Mobile’s Battleground Mobile India version is currently limited to a very small number of players. The sensitivity controls are also a real problem. A GFX Tool for BGMI mod apk is an application that will unlock 60 FPS frame rates and enhanced graphics. Adding this to your PUBG Mobile game will greatly improve your gaming experience. To download and install a GFX Tool for BGMI, follow the instructions below.

GFX Tool BGMI mod apk allows you to install a zero lag setting. This will fix any overheating issue that you may have in your low-end device. It will also make your battery last longer and reduce the rate at which your device discharges. The GFX Tool Pro apk is also available for PUBG 2.1. You can download it for free from the Google Play store by following the instructions.

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