How can I get free 600 UC?

How Can I Get Free 600 UC in Pubg Mobile?

To get free UC in pubg Mobile, you need to be logged in for at least two hours every day. You can log in all at once or spread it over the course of the day. You must spend a minimum of 120 minutes in the game during this time. When you receive your prize, you need to tap it in the game’s event menu. Some rewards land directly in your mailbox, while others must be claimed from the mission menu.

Paytm cash

If you want to earn free Paytm cash, there are some ways you can do so. You can join various survey apps and get paid cash, or you can simply refer friends to earn free cash. In this article, we’ll cover some of these ways to earn free Paytm cash. After downloading one of these applications, you’ll receive a bonus of Rs. 500 or so, which you can use to purchase products or services.

The easiest way to earn UC is to download a free game to your phone. There are many free games available online, so you might as well download some of them and play for free. In addition, some of them let you earn unlimited amounts of cash by referring friends. The internet is full of free apps that offer Paytm cash. Just make sure you choose a legitimate app. Then, download the app and get started.


PUBG Mobile is giving away 600 UC in its Reunion event as a no-strings-attached giveaway. We all know that PUBG Mobile can charge ridiculous amounts of money for premium items, but what if I told you that you can earn free UC? You’d be surprised. UC is limited in PUBG Mobile, so getting a limited amount of it is a great way to get some extra cash.

One of the best ways to get free UC is to purchase an Elite pass. By purchasing this pass, you can earn up to 600 UC for completing RP missions. Of course, this won’t give you unlimited free UC, but it will let you customize your character and weapons, and even buy loot crates. You can also buy UC in-game with a Google Play Store gift card.


Earlier this week, the game’s developers hinted at an event that will give away free 600 UC. They also said that the event would last for a limited time. They would give away 600 UC for 120 minutes, but it is unclear how many free UC they will give out. The free UC will be distributed as Login Sets, which you can use to purchase the UC. In the meantime, here are some other ways to earn free UC.

The first method to earn free UC on PUBG Mobile is to log in for at least two hours. The duration of the time can be spread over the day, as long as you log in for at least 120 minutes. Once you’ve logged in for that period, you can then tap on the prize in the game’s mission menu. In some cases, the rewards land right in your mailbox, while others require you to claim them through the game’s mission menu.

Limited UC shop

If you haven’t heard about the limited edition UC, it’s time to learn about it. Limited UC are used in the game to purchase items you can only find at this shop. By staying online for 270 minutes you can get 600 UC. UC last for one day, so be sure to get them before the event ends! If you’ve got a Facebook account or have already registered, you can even get free UC by sharing this post on your social media.

If you want to claim free UC in the game, you have to be active on PUBG Mobile daily. The event will run for a limited time, from 09 November 2021 to 8 January 2022. You can use the UC you earn to purchase premium in-game items. Limited UC are not transferable, so you can only use them at the Limited UC shop. You don’t have to log in every day to claim them, but you can use them to purchase backpack and gun skins.

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