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The True Story Behind the Incest Movies

You’ve probably heard of some of the incest movies. Ma Mere, Madeinusa, and Revenge of the Old Queen are a few examples, but you’re probably not aware of the true story behind them. The truth is a little less disturbing than it may seem. If you’d like to learn more, read on. These movies are based on true events and can be considered disturbing, but they’re not necessarily graphic.

Ma Mere

Ma Mere is a French incest movie based on a controversial novel by Georges Bataille. It follows the relationship between a 17-year-old boy and his mother. While it’s certainly a depressing subject matter, the presence of leading actress Isabelle Huppert makes the movie even more interesting. Ultimately, the film is a tragic story of sexual obsession and deviance.

Helene and Pierre are both attracted to each other, but a strange fruit grows from this relationship. The two begin a sexual relationship with a boy named Pierre, and soon, their relationship turns incestuous. This is a classic case of mother-son incest. However, the film is unsatisfying as it leaves the viewer questioning the point of the story. In the end, the film leaves the viewer feeling confused, and the question remains: What happened to Pierre?


The Spanish/Peruvian co-production, Madeinusa, is a strange and disturbing film about incest and religious customs. What starts as an ethnographic story of religious customs in Peru quickly transforms into a twisted hybrid of The Wicker Man and Twin Peaks. Despite its odd premise, the film is an engrossing and harrowing experience.

Despite its unconventional storyline and basic plot (a closed community), Madeinusa captivates and challenges viewers alike. The 30-year-old director, Claudia Llosa, has translated her own script and uses an ingenious storytelling method that challenges audiences’ expectations about how films should end and where they should find the film’s messages. The film is an absorbing page-turner and provides ample material for speculation.

The Quiet

The Quiet is a 2005 psychological thriller that follows the relationship between a deaf and mute teenager and her godparents. It’s based on an album by Bella Morte, and stars Elisha Cuthbert, Camilla Belle, and Martin Donovan. It stars Elisa Cuthbert and Camilla Belle as two teenagers, one of whom is a cheerleader, and the other a deaf girl who is her godmother.

The Quiet is a psychological thriller directed by Jamie Babbit that tackles four forms of abuse: substance abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual exploitation. The story revolves around four main characters, each of whom has secrets and engages in manipulative behavior. The film does have some weaknesses, though, in that it’s sometimes too lurid and feels overlong. Nevertheless, it’s worth watching for its themes, and a tepid thriller.

Revenge of the Old Queen

“Revenge of the Old Queen” is a partially-produced film that is the intended third installment of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The script was written by Richard O’Brien in the late 1980s and is often called Rocky Horror Picture Show Part Two. Like the original film, Revenge of the Old Queen is a musical, and the movie features many original songs. It was not released in theaters until 1996.

The plot is similar to “Shock Treatment” but differs a bit in terms of the characters and the setting. While some of the movie’s original characters make an appearance, the majority of the action takes place on the distant planet of Transexual, Transylvania. The Transsexual character is also a main character, and she’s mentioned in her character profile as drinking, dying her hair, hooking, and watching television. The movie features a Transsexual character, Janet Weiss, who is an illegitimate mother of the film’s protagonist, Brad.


Unlike other incest movies, Dogtooth is not made in America. It is made in Greece, and its story revolves around a couple with three grown children. They live in an isolated house, where their father convinces them that being outside the house is deadly. Dogtooth contains a brief scene of real sex, and two young adults have sexual foreplay. Despite its dark content, Dogtooth aims to make its audience laugh.

Yorgos Lanthimos’s Dogtooth is a highly unique and twisted film. This 2009 Greek drama, which won the Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Film Festival, is about a family that restricts the activities of its adult children. They keep the children isolated in their country estate and do not allow them to see the outside world. The children live there in a strange environment, and are forced to have sexual intercourse with one another and strangers. While this may sound like a twisted story, Dogtooth succeeds in creating an atmosphere of horror mixed with documentary.

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