is super people made by pubg

Is Super People Made by PUBG?

Is Super People a PUBG clone? Let’s take a look. PUBG fans will love Super People’s battle royale gameplay. Players battle to survive until they’re the last person standing. The game has a crafting system and class-based abilities. Players can level up their characters and unlock abilities and ultimate skills. They can also upgrade their weapons and armor by acquiring crafting materials. The developers claim that Super People is revolutionizing the genre, and they’ll be showcasing the game at the PC Gaming Show on June 11.


The first thing that stands out about Super People is that it isn’t a sequel. Instead, it can be considered PUBG 2.0. The gunplay and movement styles are similar, but the game has unique features that differentiate it from PUBG. While the overall gameplay is similar, Super People features some unique differences. Super People also uses a crafting system to allow players to build their weapons. Unlike other battle royale games, players can customize their weapons and collect crafting materials, which allow players to create even more powerful weapons.

PUBG has several drawbacks, including poor optimisation. Although PUBG is graphically impressive, it has suffered teething problems since its closed beta. A better solution is to use an SSD instead of a SATA hard drive. If you’re going to play PUBG on your PC, make sure your hard drive has a minimum of 256GB. That way, if Super People comes out, you’ll be able to get the most out of your PC.

PUBG clone

If you’ve played PUBG PC, you’ve probably wondered how the game compares to its PUBG clone. While PUBG uses normal humans as characters, Super People’s characters are superhumans with supernatural powers. Their abilities and skills are based on the tasks they’re tasked with. This gives them a unique advantage over their PUBG counterparts.

While PUBG may be the most popular Battle Royale game right now, Super People has a unique identity all its own. Streaming giants such as YouTube are playing the game. The gameplay is similar to PUBG, but Super People also features unique power-ups, vehicles that bunnyhop, and a variety of playable classes. This is a game that many gamers will enjoy.

Super People has been a surprise hit in the battle royale genre, with 4.3 million players signing up for the Closed Beta phase. Its guns are nearly identical to those of PUBG, with the exception of the Sniper class, which was less popular. Assault rifles are the most commonly used weapons in Super People. The game will be available in early access on Steam.

Apex Legends clone

A new battle royale game, Super People, is currently in closed beta. Although it is still a few weeks away, the game’s developers have given us a few details that will help us decide if it’s worth downloading. As a Battle Royale game, Super People pits gamers against one another on a single map, with the goal of being the last person standing. The game is set on Orb Island, which features dense foliage, massive scientific labs, and tactical points.

Super People introduces some interesting new mechanics and adds some unique twists. It’s a fresh take on a genre that has become a bit stale and repetitive. While the gameplay is similar to that of its Apex Legends cousin, players have more fun with Super People, and its early reactions seem to confirm this. We’re looking forward to playing this game. If you’re in the market for an Apex Legends clone, Super People is definitely worth checking out.

Wonder Games clone

If you’re looking for another Wonder Games clone, you’ve come to the right place. The bare-bones clone of the popular puzzle game is called Pile Wonder. The game plays very nicely but doesn’t progress past the core concept of pushing boxes. Worm Visitor had a lot of fanfare, but Pile Wonder plays like a more simplified version of the original.

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