Jazz Monthly SMS Package Code Details list

Jazz, one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, offers a variety of monthly SMS packages to its customers. These packages offer different amounts of SMS at different prices, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Here is a list of Jazz monthly SMS package codes and their details:

PackageCodeSMSPrice (including tax)Other benefits
Monthly SMS Bundle 120001011*02#12000 SMSRs. 995000 MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO
Monthly SMS Bundle 30001012*02#3000 SMSRs. 492500 MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO
Monthly SMS Bundle 10001013*02#1000 SMSRs. 291000 MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO

To subscribe to a monthly SMS package, simply dial the code from your Jazz mobile phone. You will receive a confirmation SMS once the subscription is successful.

  • You can also check your remaining SMS balance by dialing 1012#.
  • To unsubscribe from a monthly SMS package, dial the code 1014*02#.

I hope this blog post has helped you to learn more about Jazz monthly SMS package codes. For more information, please visit the Jazz website or contact their customer service department.

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