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PUBG Ban in Pakistan

It is easy to become obsessed with PUBG, so much so that a ban on the game is now being discussed in Pakistan. Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified gaming addiction as a mental illness. This was largely due to the alleged killing of a young boy and his mother and three siblings. Printed backpacks are available for purchase, and are made to order. They are a popular choice of gift for young gamers.

PUBG addiction affects the physical and mental health of the youth

A citizen of Pakistan has demanded the government to ban a popular video game known as PUBG. The young boy who shot himself in Lahore, Pakistan, had become addicted to the game, and the police have recommended banning it. This comes after a shocking murder case in Lahore, where a teenager killed his family after playing the game. In that case, a suspect reportedly confessed to the killings and said that the game had caused mental stress. The suspect had thought that his relatives would show up after the killing. In response, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has cited the game as a contributing factor in the case.

The PUBG addiction among youth has escalated in recent years, and there have been several incidents of misbehaving students. The government should enact a review mechanism for online games before giving them to people. They should also launch awareness campaigns to warn parents and children of the harmful effects of these games, particularly for teens with aggressive tendencies and extreme personalities. They should also monitor the content of these games and make sure they do not cause any harm to the youth.

PUBG is so addictive that it is affecting the youth’s physical and mental health. The game has been blamed for numerous incidents, including a 16-year-old boy who killed himself after missing a PUBG mission. The teenager had played PUBG every day and was said to be addicted to the game. He was reportedly told repeatedly to quit playing the game, but never listened. He eventually hung himself because his parents refused to buy him a new phone.

PUBG ban is a violation of the Constitution

The Lahore High Court has dismissed a petition calling for a ban on the popular video game PUBG. The petition was filed after incidents of violence and killings among young players of PUBG. Its petitioner, Tanvir Sarwar, sought the ban through his counsel Nadeem Sawar. While the petition did not gain much traction, it did show a clear link between the game and violent incidents in the country.

In their petition, the petitioner argued that PUBG is harmful to the mental health of children and teenagers. He argued that video games contribute to violence and are destroying the young generation. The petitioner cited examples of countries that have banned similar games as evidence. It is unclear why Pakistan has not followed suit, but a similar argument could be made for the U.S., India, and other countries.

The petitioner argued that PUBG poses a serious health and life threat to children and young adults and will ruin the lives of Pakistan’s youth. He argued that the inaction of state functionaries violates Articles 9 (right to life), 37, and 38-D of the constitution. A ban on PUBG is necessary to protect the lives and wellbeing of our youth.

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