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How to Check the Number of Registered SIMs in Pakistan

If you want to check the number of registered SIMs against your CNIC, you can visit the PTA SIM Information Website. To do so, you must first input your CNIC number and verify that you are not a robot. After confirming that, the website will display the list of registered SIMs. The website can be helpful in many ways. The PTA SIM Information Website makes checking the number of registered SIMs easy.

Biometric testing system

The latest technology is being used for the PTA SIM information system. It is a database that contains information on active SIMs and their status as biometrically verified. Every mobile subscriber must use a biometrically validated SIM. The PTA has developed a short code that allows users to check their SIM information by SMS. To find out the status of your SIM, text the short code 668 to a mobile number.

The Subscriber Identity Module information system is a biometric authentication process developed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to prevent unregistered users from making unauthorized phone calls. These SIMs are unique to individual subscribers. This information allows companies to ensure they provide the correct number of SIMs for a particular customer. Currently, only six companies use this biometric authentication system.

The PTA has also contracted a Canadian surveillance technology company, Sandvine, to develop a national web-monitoring system. The system includes Deep Packet Inspection and will improve the PTA’s ability to monitor the internet traffic. Furthermore, the company will be able to record call data. The PTA has been working on this technology since the mid-2000s, and its implementation will make it easier for users to stay connected to the Internet.

Maximum number of SIMs that can be registered to a CNIC

Unless you have multiple cellular phone lines, you cannot register more than five SIMs to your CNIC. In Pakistan, this limit is set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, so there is a maximum number of SIMs you can register with your CNIC. The PTA also makes it easy for you to check your sim status online or via SMS. If you have multiple phone lines, you may need to block one of them.

Currently, you can register as many SIMs as you want as long as the number of SIM cards is consistent with the number of numbers registered to your CNIC. In 2012, the Supreme Court fixed the limit at five SIMs per CNIC to curb illegal SIM usage. The limit was introduced in response to an increase in the number of non-registered SIMs used for illegal activities. However, last year’s biometric verification drive meant that cellular companies wanted this limit removed. This was negatively affecting the auction process for 3G/4G.

Once you know how many SIMs are registered to your CNIC, you can check their status online. You can visit a PTA-backed website to view the status of your SIMs. You’ll be asked to verify your human identity. The information is compiled and categorized by operator and number of registered SIMs to your CNIC. Once you know how many SIMs are registered to your CNIC, you can cancel the rest of them.

Checking the number of active SIMs

Checking the number of active SIMs in PTA’s SIM Information System is a relatively simple process. The website will provide you with the CNIC number of each SIM, along with the number of active SIMs by operator. You can also access the site via SMS, which is also an option. After you’ve completed the process, you should receive a response from PTA via SMS confirming that the number of active SIMs is correct.

The PTA has an advanced SIM Information System, which keeps a digital record of all subscribers. Using this information, you can check the number of active SIMs in your National Identity Card. If you have more than one SIM, you can enter them one at a time on the SIM Information System. If you’re wondering how to check the number of active SIMs in PTA Govt Pakistan, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re not violating any rules.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority is the government-run organization that maintains the country’s telecommunications systems. The number of mobile phone subscribers has soared in the country since cell phones became affordable and accessible to the masses. The SIM Information System was updated in 2009 to reflect the latest trends in cellular subscriptions. However, the PTA’s system is still not fully functional.

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