5 major new features in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises

Rockstar’s GTA Online update may be the biggest yet. The update includes a wide range of adjustments and changes to the game as well as the usual upgrades and additions.

This article will focus on the new features and additions to GTA Online.

GTA Online’s biggest updates include the latest update

5) New quality-of-life features

Rockstar plans to make several changes to GTA Online’s gameplay to improve the experience. Players will be able to enter the Agency via helicopter or by walking through the roof entrance after returning Security Contracts.

Players will also be permitted to jog in their nightclubs, The Music Locker and The Diamond Casino & Resort. Players can now hang up when Contacts call to offer missions. The Settings menu now allows PC users to disable the chat box in-game.

Players will now be able to purchase maximum ammunition for all weapons from the Interaction Menu. The Weapon Wheel will be up while players have access to more snacks and armor by using one input.

4) Private sessions for business activities

In Invite Only, Crew, or Friend sessions, players will be able run their businesses as usual, including sell missions. These players can sign up to become VIPs, CEOs, or MC presidents on these servers. This will enable business owners to source and buy at their leisure, or with friends.

Public sessions are still possible for players to sell their items. Those who do so will receive a higher high-demand bonus. This feature was highly sought after and GTA Online players had to resort to other exploits in order to create solo sessions.

Others were unable because they didn’t know the steps or it was too hard.

3) Vehicles are open to further upgrades

All vehicles with LS Car Meet access will now have low grip tires. It will now be permitted to be used by any vehicle that fits the Avenger or Mobile Operations Center Vehicle Workshops.

The garage will see an increase in the number of ownable properties, from 8 to 10. This could add up to 20 vehicles. The Sparrow helicopter will be protected from damage by flare and chaff countermeasures when it is upgraded within the Kosatka.

2) Adjustments to combat grief

GTA Online has made the most significant changes with its anti-griefing settings. To reduce griefing, kills in Freemode will not affect the Kill/Death statistics. This ratio will only be affected by kills made during competitive gaming.

This is a significant adjustment as griefing can be motivated by the desire to improve one’s K/D ratio. A new Anti Grief Ghosting option has been added to Race Creator. This allows ghost players to be able to see who is driving in the opposite direction to them during races.

1) Heist cooldown timer

GTA Online’s most controversial change is the Heists’ increased cooldown. When playing with other Heists, all players will be subject to a 48-minute cooldown (one in-game-day) period. A solo Cayo Perico playthrough will be subject to a 2 hour and 24 minute cooldown (three in-game day).

Solo players have been annoyed by this particular nerf to the Cayo Peruico Heist. Because solo grinding in GTA Online was the most popular option, solo Cayo Perico Heist play is regarded as the best. It will no longer be as efficient in gaining quick money due to the increased cooldown.

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