5 reasons why GTA 6 would be better off with two protagonists instead of three

A Bloomberg report on GTA 6 has gone viral in recent times. It discussed the evolution of GTA 6 and what players are likely to get from GTA 6. The most thrilling aspects of the report was the fact that, according to some reports, GTA 6 might provide players with two characters that can be played.

This has triggered plenty of debate within the gaming community. Many players have voiced their opinions on GTA 6 having two protagonists.

In this post, we will attempt to help in this discussion by presenting five reasons it’s great for the game that Rockstar Games may introduce two playable characters to their forthcoming game.

Note: This piece of writing reflects the author’s opinion as a subjective one.

Five reasons why having two playable protagonists are an advantage for GTA 6

1) Tighter narrative

The lack of characters means that writers can make the story more interesting with greater control without letting it become unnecessary spirals. Although single-character tales are ideal to be used for this purpose, there’s numerous instances of two-protagonist narratives which are also well-written and well-structured, like, The Last of Us, It Takes Two, and many more.

GTA 6 is already expected to include a variety of other aspects over its narrative and, therefore, having a narrative that is solid and without unnecessary story beats that lead in the wrong direction and hinder the game’s other aspects should be avoided as far as is possible. Therefore, having just two main characters that you can focus on can be extremely beneficial to accomplish this.

2.) A more exciting plot

When there are many characters in the narrative, it could quickly become difficult for an viewers to be interested in every single one. In time, they may become bored with a certain person when they’re watching the screen. Thus, having only two storylines for characters for them to read within GTA 6 will create a well-balanced experience.

Furthermore, the story is more engaging and interesting when it’s not constantly switching between multiple viewpoints. In addition there is a greater chance that viewers will be able to feel for, and feel emotionally connected to two main characters more easily.

3.) Better chemistry

If there’s more than one principal character within the narrative, it’s essential to have a an excellent chemistry between them, that is how they interact with one with each other.

Most of the time it is really difficult to establish meaningful connections between people who do not have anything in common or have distinct personalities. It is possible but it takes lots of time and effort — something that isn’t always possible.

GTA players can see the chemistry gap between them as they consider their relationship with Trevor as well as Franklin. Therefore, if Grand Theft Auto 6 only concentrates on two main characters, creating a meaningful connection between them would be easier.

4.) There are fewer chances of plot holes

There are multiple main characters, which means that there are multiple stories for the players follow. This increases the likelihood of plot flaws and errors in the narratives since the storytellers will have to concentrate only on the plot of each single character and conclude all issues in a timely manner. This is a difficult task particularly when it comes to video games.

Additionally, if there’s numerous threads to an ongoing story, and if they don’t all get solved in a coherent manner Fans will quickly expose the flaws. To avoid the unnecessary plot gaps, it’s much simpler Grand Theft Auto 6 only concentrates on two characters playable. Writers will be able weave two stories in a way to offer the player satisfaction.

5) A simpler story to follow

The presence of more than two characters playable can make the story more complicated and difficult for the player to grasp. The players should remember that the complexity doesn’t come from the story being too abstract , but more from having too many characters to keep track with, and not knowing how they influence the story’s overall.

The number of characters that can be played could be exhausting to play with, particularly if Grand Theft Auto 6 is trying to tell a compelling and intimate tale. Therefore, telling a story that has only two characters can allow the players to enjoy the most concise and easy to comprehend story.

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