Top 5 cars for completing missions in GTA Online after Criminal Enterprises update

GTA Online has come into the spotlight again following the launch of the latest The Criminal Enterprises update, which includes a number of brand new features, and , most important, brand new vehicles.

Car enthusiasts are celebrating as they wait eagerly for Rockstar to add more vehicles to the collection in the near future. But being new doesn’t necessarily mean better, particularly when you’re searching for the most efficient cars to accomplish tasks. The vehicle must be swift or weaponized, or an all-rounder that can survive this world called Los Santos.

That said we’ll examine the five top GTA Online cars that players can use to complete their missions in 2022.

The top 5 GTA Online cars for completing missions – Features, price and more

5) Half-track ($2,254,350 – $1,695,000)

Fiveth in the list is the Bravado half-track, 3 seater military truck that was first that was introduced within GTA Online with the Gunrunning update.

The vehicle is equipped with the most powerful quad autocannon turret built on the 2-cm (20mm) Flak 38 autocannons. They can also outfit them with the most powerful proximity mines, which can cause damage to armored vehicles.

Because of its bulletproof front window and the features listed above it is thought to be among the most reliable vehicles available for players to accomplish thrilling missions within the game.

4) Duke O’Death ($665,000/Free)

The next one up on our list of cars is the Imponte Duke O’Death, a 2-door muscle car which was first introduced within GTA Online with the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update.

It is thought to be the best vehicle that can easily force any other vehicle off of the roadway because of its outstanding durability, robust bodywork and increased overall mass. If upgraded properly it will be able to take an Sticky Bomb or three RPG strikes easily.

The majority of players are in a position to obtain it for no cost through Warstock Cache & Carry, they should make use of it for speed-chase games in which they have to be in the defense.

3) Deluxo ($4,721,500 – $3,550,000)

The third car is the Imponte Deluxo which is a two-door sports car that was added to GTA Online as part of The Doomsday Heist update.

The car features a distinct Hover mode that allows players can travel easily over either terrain or water. In its Flyer mode players can fly it through Los Santos’ sky Los Santos and avoid ground enemies with ease. It’s also capable performing a doubling back to aid players quickly escape from a place. The players can also outfit the car with strong machine guns as well as missile launchers that can be homing.

This means it is one of the top options to carry out missions that need heavy weapons and quick escape times.

2) Insurgent Pick-Up ($1,795,000 – $1,350,000)

The next one to be featured is next on the list is HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, a special 9-seater light Armored Personnel Vehicle (LAPV) added to GTA Online with the Heists Update.

It comes with the deadly machine gun turret modelled on the M2HB Browning .50 capacity machine gun that is capable of eliminating enemies easily. With bulletproof tires and armor that is comparable with Rhino Tank, it is able to stand up to:

  • 5 rockets
  • 3 Tank Shell
  • 6-7 Sticky Bombs
  • The Minigun fires for 40-45 secs. firing
  • 4 RPGs that are direct

The vehicle is thought to be to be one of the best choices for gamers to finish combat mission in the game.

1) Armored Kuruma ($698,250 – $525,000)

In the final, and number one the most loved car of all time car – the Karin Kuruma (Armored) car, the armored 4-door sedan that was which was added in GTA Online with the Heists Update

It is powered by twin-cam straight-six engines It boasts a stunning top speed of 147 mph. It comes with a variety of useful options to drivers, such as bulletproof windows, roof panels that are bulletproof as well as frames that protect its headlights.

Its Karin Kuruma is thought to be a great option for completing Heists. Its efficiency makes it a great choice for winning most races. The players can choose it as an all-rounder that they can count on.

Rockstar does a excellent job of providing a various vehicles. Players are able to choose any vehicle they want based on their requirements. With more vehicles expected to be added into GTA Online later this summer players can be ready to play them and unleash chaos in street corners of Los Santos.

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