List of unreleased content from the new update that GTA Online players should keep an eye out for

Despite the release of the latest update GTA Online players will have plenty of previously unreleased content to explore in the coming weeks. Criminal Enterprises Criminal Enterprises follows the trend of streaming new content in a drip-feed over time, and this article will focus on this topic.

The exact date of release is not known, but there’s plenty of information to be covered here. This article will contain:

  • New cars
  • The Service Carbine
  • Many new collectibles

However that, everything in these leaks could be subject to changing.

The majority of the content that isn’t yet released from GTA Online’s most recent update

This article will begin with the list of vehicles that have not yet been released. The video above by Broughy1322 shows the way each one looks like, and the prices that have been leaked. Below is a quick overview of these cars:

  • SM722: $2,115,000
  • 10F: $1,675,000
  • Draugur: $1,870,000 ($1,402,500 at Trade Price)
  • Ruiner ZZ-8: $1,320,000
  • Vigero ZX: $1,947,000
  • Kanjo SJ: $1,370,000 ($1,027,500 at Trade Price)
  • Postlude: $1,310,000 ($982,500 at Trade Price)
  • Rhinehart: $1,598,000
  • Brioso 300 Widebody: $585,000
  • Sentinel Classic Widebody: $700,000
  • Weevil Custom: $980,000
  • 10F Widebody: $575,000

The vehicles will come out in the next few months, however nothing is currently known about their speeds or overall performance as of now.

Service Carbine

There’s an not yet released weapon, dubbed Service Carbine. Service Carbine. The tweet above outlines the process by which GTA Online players are expected to acquire this new weapon It’s essentially the equivalent of a collectathon. This map shows the potential locations in which the required parts could be found and players will only have to gather five parts to construct to construct the Service Carbine.

Recent leaks indicate that players will be awarded two stars in exchange to collect one of the elements in any one of the crimes. There’s also an alternative option to buy Service Carbine Service Carbine for $370,000.

New collectibles

There are a variety of non-released collectibles that are available to GTA Online players. This one is linked with Trick or Treat, so it’s widely speculated that it will be released at the time of Halloween this year. Alongside that, several costumes have been revealed with regard to a Mummy and Sasquatch, although the method of unlocking them is not known currently.

The collection of 10 of these “Trick or Treat” Daily Collectibles will grant players an Horror Pumpkin Mask. To assist with this, already has all of these Jack O Lantern locations with their interactive maps. It also offers additional collectibles that are currently not available in the market, like Metal Detector spots, Junk Energy Skydives and LD Organics Products.

LD Organics Product is an unreleased collectible featuring 100 locations. Each one of them gives players $1,000. Those who collect 100 of them will earn players with the LD Organics outfit and add $50,000 to their bank accounts.

There’s also some not yet released content, like two new car dealerships however, not much is known about them currently. There is a lot of new material available to GTA Online players to look out for in the coming months.

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