GTA Online background update fixes one God Mode exploit and reveals new prize rides

Rockstar often brings out diverse background updates in GTA Online, with the latest one bringing intriguing fixes on August 2nd 2022. However the players could receive a surprise with a variety of changes to come their ways.

In addition they also have the chance to receive new podium vehicles as well as prizes.

GTA Online’s most recent background update bug fixes, new podium vehicles, and prize rides

Bug fix

Every now and again, Rockstar tends to slip in and introduce an amusing glitch or two within their gaming. In the case of GTA Online, the most significant bug can be found in that of the Arena War God Mode exploit that has been making rounds around the web in recent times.

For those who aren’t aware the glitch, it was extremely simple to solve, as it was as simple as the completion of a bookmarked task and allowing users to use God Mode. People who were able to exploit the bug should be aware that a number of them have been fixed in the past, but they keep being found. This latest update to the background is one example of them being addressed.

This Car Merge glitch is another major fix that’s included in this background update, along with other minor fixes that are listed in the previous paragraphs. There’s been a number of Car Merge glitches discovered as lately, therefore this tweet does not specify whether all of them have been fixed or just a handful are fixed.

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In any case those fixes seem less significant in the same measure. The present Terrorbyte problem is discussed in this article. Other than that this update to the background doesn’t only address fixes to some of the most notable bugs within GTA Online.

There are also a number of new Podium vehicles as well as Prize Rides to discuss in the following section.

New podium vehicles, and prize rides

This tweet includes everything from the latest Podium Vehicles to the new Prize Rides. To give you an idea this is the amount GTA Online players typically be required to pay to access these Podium Vehicles:

  • Cypher: $1,550,000 ($1,162,500 at Trade Price)
  • Rapid GT Classic: $885,000
  • Paragon R: $905,000
  • Tempesta: $1,329,000
  • Cyclone: $1,890,000

Similar to that, GTA Online players can obtain vehicles for free using their prize Ride feature. Here are the prices of the vehicles that be free with this feature:

  • Swinger: $909,000
  • Retinue: $615,000
  • Club: $1,280,000
  • Osiris: $1,950,000
  • Vagrant: $2,214,000 ($1,660,500 at Trade Price)
  • Flash GT: $1,675,000

A few players may be interested in one of these cars, therefore there could be some savings to be made for those who take part.

As a result The mission of the show, Payphone Hit: CEO was removed. In the same way, Simon’s Showroom Business Battle is also no longer in operation in this tweet, which is refers to unreleased content which is scheduled to be released in connection with Simeon’s Showroom. However there is no confirmation as of what date Rockstar Games will bring both Payphone Hit: CEO and Simeon’s Showroom Business Battle back to GTA Online.

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However all the remaining Payphone Hits aren’t affected by the latest change.

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