GTA Online: 5 best vehicles that are bulletproof

GTA Online players are very satisfied with the phrase “bulletproof.” In this sense, heavily armored vehicles can be useful during an “make or break” run.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sales mission or simply escaping from someone, players have to keep an eye on their backs since a single shot could cause a screen to be wasted. It’s the reason a bulletproof vehicle is a must in GTA Online, as it offers all the security needed to avoid dangerous situations.

Be aware that bullet resistance isn’t identical to bulletproof, with cars such as those of the Patriot Mil-Spec and the Weaponized Ignus being in the latter category. In that regard the following GTA Online article will look at bulletproof vehicles in general.

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GTA Online players ought to be sure to look over some bulletproof options.

5) Benefactor Stirling GT

Since that Criminal Enterprises update, Rockstar has managed to make its Stirling GT completely bulletproof. It may not last forever, but the impressive performance statistics are certainly worth taking a look.

What players need to be aware of this sport classic. Calculations of top speeds are derived straight from the YouTuber Broughy1322, a vehicle expert who tests regularly GTA Online vehicles:

  • Price $975,000 (base) or $900,000 more for HSW upgrades
  • Where to buy: Legendary Motorsport
  • The top velocity: 112.00 miles per hour (base) or 156.80 with HSW upgrade

The Stirling GT is perfect for difficult missions like Operation Paper Trail. GTA Online players will have an easier time saving certain NPCs in these missions. Much to their delight guns fired by enemies will be rendered ineffective against this vehicle.

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But, regardless of whether Rockstar modifies the vehicle within the next few years this Stirling GT is still ridiculously quick. And, in addition, HSW upgrades allow it to be extremely competitive in various races. In the end it serves a different goal without bulletproof capabilities, and therefore players must take into consideration this.

NOTEIt’s bulletproof because of a bug that will likely be fixed in the near future.

4) Rune Kosatka

GTA Online players have one principal reason to use this submarine. It’s needed for Cayo Perico heist mission. Despite the cost of setting up players will have the ability to earn million of dollars.

  • Price: $2,200,000 (base)
  • Where to buy: Warstock Cache and Carry
  • The top speed: 41.50 miles per hour

Of course, the majority of gamers won’t use bullets to explode it because it requires around 12 rockets to take it down. But it is true that Kosatka is an extremely powerful weapon. Kosatka can be transported underwater, making it much easier to avoid near opponents.

To conclude, GTA Online players should think about performing one of the CayoPerico tasks with an exclusive lobby. If the submarine is placed near the beach’s shores it is possible to enter and leave the Kosatka without swimming in the Kosatka.

In addition, the bulletproof option will ensure that NPCs can’t harm it, especially in the event that they are chasing the player after stealing their equipment.

3) Imponte Duke O’ Death

There’s nothing better to be a part of GTA Online than acquiring a free car that actually functions. The next-gen console gamers can have the Duke Of Death for free, without having to pay for it and that’s a great reward.

  • Price: $665,000/free on next-gen consoles
  • Where to buy: Warstock Cache and Carry
  • The top velocity: 114.25 miles per hour
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GTA Online beginners should definitely keep this car at their garages, since it can greatly assist them to complete the more difficult tasks in the game. The players can choose to stay in the vehicle or hide behind it to get a better view.

There is however tiny openings in the window’s front, that could give other players a fantastic chance to snipe. However, this is extremely difficult to achieve. To put it simply this is a defense wall. Duke O’ Death is an effective defensive wall that is very rarely smashed by.

2) Armored Kuruma

The Armored Kuruma has been a iconic part in The GTA Online experience. In spite of all the competition it is a great option for the most effective security for Los Santos and Blaine County.

  • Price: $698,250 (base) / $525,000 (trade price)
  • Where to buy: Southern S.A. Super Autos
  • Speed of top velocity: 109.75 miles per hour

The armored Kuruma can get players where they want to be without worrying about getting shots. It’s also helpful because it’s very easy to control. It’s the ideal vehicle for getaways for high-risk situations.

No matter what level of expertise, GTA Online players will have a need for this Armored Kuruma, as its one of the most flexible vehicles available in the game.

1) Invade and Persuade RC Tank

As one of the most bizarre aspects in GTA Online, players can blast their opponents with a remote-controlled RC tank. But, they’ll be removed out of the lobby whenever they manage the tank. It’s not surprising, as it’s an aggravating griefing tool that is within GTA Online.

  • Price: $2,275,000
  • Where to buy: Warstock Cache and Carry
  • The top velocity: 26.75 miles per hour
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Despite their tiny size They are durable to any damage. In addition, they are totally invincible to any kind of bullet. However, they could be deterred by miniguns since they have a lightweight mass.

Players are able to modify the RC Tank with different kinds of weapons. This includes charged rockets, flamethrowers or plasma cannons. It’s a reliable weapon to use in most combat scenarios and its bulletproof design simply adding icing to the cake already delicious.

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