antenna magic bullet auto headshot

Antenna Magic Bullet Auto Headshot Cheat For PUBG Mobile

Are you looking for the latest PUBG Mobile hacks? Are you looking for an easy way to auto-headshot your enemies? Are you a newbie in the game and looking to get the edge over other players? Then you should read this article! You will learn about Antenna, Magic bullet auto headshot, Aimassist, and more! This cheat makes the game much easier and you will find yourself doing more things!


PUBG Mobile’s latest update, version 2.0, is now live on iOS and Android devices. This new update brings new content, map changes, and sniper rifle upgrades. It will also bring in 4th Anniversary celebration gameplay. It will also include the antenna magic bullet auto headshot cheat, which will make shooting faster and easier. The cheat works on rooted devices. Read on to find out more. This cheat will give you an advantage over your opponents by locating their location and sending a headshot right to their head.

Magic bullet auto headshot

PUBG Mobile 1.3.1 brings the best magic bullet auto headshot config file. It allows you to apply this file to your phone and get a perfect headshot every time. This config file is fully secure and can reduce recoil up to 40%. It is compatible with almost every RAM type in the game. It will also provide better aim assist to your shots. Here is how to install it:

To install this config file, download the Magic Bullet mod from the internet. This mod allows you to make headshots with high damage at 90 frames per second. It’s similar to an aimbot in that it locks on to the target and shoots, regardless of its position. Unlike an aimbot, this mod will not check raycast and server checks. It will also be silent, so you can shoot without a noticeable lag.


The Aimassist is a hack that helps you to hit the head of enemies without using a cheat code. Its main purpose is to help you take headshots on enemies. This tool is available for all Android devices, and it can also help you to get more points by aiming at the head of an enemy. The free fire headshot config will increase your accuracy by 50% and calibrate your Auto headshot. The Free Fire headshot config works with any game mode, skin, or gun. The Pubg Mobile aimbot config file is also available for download. It will allow you to shoot at high speeds and increase your chances of getting a headshot.

PUBG Mobile update 1.9

PUBG Mobile’s new antenna-based weapon is the Magic Bullet. This weapon locks on to the head of the enemy and hits it regardless of how you aim. Another benefit of this weapon is its increased speed. Players can jump higher and see through walls while using this weapon, so they can outrun their opponents. The antenna also allows them to move faster and see through walls. Using this weapon will help you win the match faster than ever before.

PUBG Mobile update 1.9 is now live for Android and iOS devices. This update introduces new features and fixes, and brings four-year anniversary celebration gameplay. The update will roll out on March 18 at 00:00 GMT. If you’re an avid PUBG player, you can take advantage of the antenna magic bullet auto headshot cheat for an easier time shooting. This hack will work even on non-rooted devices, so don’t wait any longer to update.

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Avoid using magic bullet

If you are a player who finds it difficult to aim, you might want to consider installing an aimbot like the magic bullet auto headshot cheat. This tool works by detecting a graphic object and positioning your opponent by a straight line on the compass. It also allows you to shoot in any direction, and the closest enemy will always be hit. A cheat like this can give you bad results, but many professional players use it.

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