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BeamNG Drive is a vehicle simulation video game created by the Bremen-based developer BeamNG GmbH. The game features soft-body physics that simulate realistic handling and vehicle damage. It also features multiplayer mode and realistic simulation of crash situations. The only thing missing from the game is a Nintendo Switch version. However, if you’re a fan of the genre, you might enjoy this car creation game. Read on for more details.

BeamNG is a vehicle-creation game that allows players to create their own cars

This physics-based game lets you build and customize a car from scratch. With a free tech demo, you can try out the game’s controls before purchasing. Once you have purchased the alpha version, you’ll be able to use the game’s dev forums and receive frequent updates. You can even test-drive your creation before committing to purchasing it.

The game offers several features that make it stand out from other vehicle creation games. Its unique physics engine and soft body physics allow players to create the perfect vehicle. Players can then customize their car with their chosen features and add custom parts. It has more than 50 customization options to choose from, including bumpers and body kits. Players can create as many cars as they’d like, with as many as six different parts per car.

BeamNG Drive is available for download on Steam and PlayStation 4. It was first demonstrated to video game fans back in 2013, and has since entered Early Access. Streamers have been demonstrating the game to their audiences on YouTube, and it has been available to the general public since 2015.

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It simulates accidents with soft-body physics

BeamNG Drive is a free video game that simulates real-world car crashes using soft-body physics. The game’s developers are interested in simulating stunt driving for movies. It is more affordable than using real vehicles and can also improve driver safety. You can try out BeamNG for free by searching it in the GameLoop library or through Google. It’s a realistic simulation of crashes and offers realistic dynamic behavior.

BeamNG Drive’s physics engine is designed to mimic the skeleton of a real car. Whether you use a gamepad, keyboard, or gamepad, the simulations are realistic. The game allows you to customize your experience by changing the physics settings and adding new elements. You can even change the physics settings and the way your car reacts to different collisions.

It lacks a Nintendo Switch version

Though it isn’t officially available for the Nintendo Switch, BeamNG Drive is available for PC. With a physics-based game and realistic damage, you’ll enjoy realistic cornering and control. In-game purchases help you customize your car’s appearance and performance. BeamNG is available on Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Although it lacks a Nintendo Switch version, it can still be downloaded for free.

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