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BeamNG Supercar Mods – Civetta Bolide, Hirochi JBX 100, ETK 1300, and More

BeamNG has several different types of supercars, and Civetta Bolide supercar v1.1 is one of those. This mod can be downloaded for free from the links provided below. If you’re looking for a different type of supercar, however, we have a list of the best to help you decide. This article will go over the features of each one. You’ll also learn how to install the mods.

Heavy Utility Truck

You’ve probably heard about the new Heavy Utility Truck mod for BeamNG Supercar, but you might be unsure how to install it. There are several advantages to this mod, though. It lets you modify your vehicle’s appearance and make it look like anything you can imagine. Among them are its crash physics and realistic engine sounds. Here’s a quick rundown of the main differences between the Heavy Utility Truck and the other vehicles.

Ibishu JBX 100

If you are looking for the best mods for the Ibishu JBX 100, look no further. This supercar is built with a ton of customization options, including front and rear bumpers, chassis, radiators, fenders, roll cages, and turbos. If you are a fan of tuning and drifting, the Hirochi Prasu mod will be just what you’re looking for. With so many parts to modify, there is sure to be something that will make you want to give this car a try.

Civetta Bolide

Despite its low center of gravity, the Bolide is capable of great cornering stability and sharp driving. Despite this, it lacks modern stability technology, and requires good throttle control and smooth steering to achieve top performance. In addition, the Bolide’s mid-engine layout provides optimal weight balance. While this car lacks modern safety features, it’s still an excellent choice for the enthusiast who wants to improve the performance of his car.

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The Bolide’s remastered version was released in December, bringing with it a slew of updates and bug fixes. Besides the new Bolide, there are also updates for the Burnside Special, Bruckell Bastion, West Coast, Italy, and Utah maps. Additionally, there were general quality of life improvements to the UI and Game Engine. As Civetta Bolide supercar mods are free to download, you should try them out and see what kind of performance boosts they bring.

ETK 1300

If you’re looking for the best ETK 1300 supercar mods, you’ve come to the right place. This sporty supercar is as fun to play as its more serious brother. There’s no shortage of customization options, and a large number of mods allow you to make it look and perform even better than you’d expected. From body kit options to engine and suspension changes, ETK 1300 mods are sure to make your supercar come to life!

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