best beamng car mods

Best BeamNG Car Mods

If you want to modify your car to look amazing, try the Hirochi Prasu mod. It has an endless variety of aesthetic changes for the car. You can change any part of the car, including the front and rear bumpers, the chassis, radiators, fenders, roll cages, hoods, and turbos. It gives you hours of fun! But be sure to try out the other mods first to see what they have to offer.

Ibishu JBX 100

Ibishu JBX 100 car modifications make driving more fun and challenging. The vehicle has a huge wheelbase, making it easier to accelerate and handle bumps. The suspension is also great, making it easy to drive up steep hills or over rough off-road rails. And for those who don’t like the usual, boring road, there is ATLANTO mode, where you can drive through vandalized and spray-painted homes.

If you’re looking for the ultimate drifting car, this is it. Drift configs require the D’troxx wheel pack and the Ibishu JBX 100. The most popular drift configs include the Bruckell legran, the Etk I-series, and the Hirochi sunburst. All of these are supported on both the standard and modified Ibishu JBX 100 models.

Heavy Utility Truck

If you are looking for the best car mods in BeamNG, you have come to the right place. There are some really great mods that are available for the heavy utility truck. This is one of the pioneering car mods in the game. It looks like a full-size truck, but with modern engine sounds and crash physics. The hulking vehicle has a lot of advantages.

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Dodge Charger

If you’re a fan of the Toyota Supra and the fast and the furious series, you’ll be happy to know that you can now enjoy a ‘Supa-like’ driving experience with the Dodge Charger. This mod is designed with fans of the iconic American car in mind and includes three different versions of the iconic sports car – one of which is a specialized model for the Daytona oval.

ETK 1300

The ETK-1300 is one of the more unique cars in BeamNG. This rural vehicle has a soft body effect that simulates a real truck. In addition, you can drive the truck on Mount Coot-Tha, a 10KM mountainous terrain located near Brisbane. In addition to this, you can also drive on its terrain’s winding and circular sections, which add an extra element of challenge to your racing experience.

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