bgmi 2.1 update release date 2022

BGMI 2.1 Update Release Date 2022

The BGMI 2.1 update is reportedly set for July 15, 2022. But what exactly is included in the update? The new features are RP mission notifier, protection shield, and new maps. This article will go over what to expect from the upcoming update. So, stay tuned! There will be plenty of new features in the next patch! Here are some highlights:

RP mission notifier

Those who are looking forward to the BGMI 2.1 update will definitely be pleased to see the new addition of RP mission notifications. These notifications will appear in the bottom left corner of your game screen, and you’ll be able to choose to turn them on or off. This update will improve your BR experience in a variety of ways. As long as you’re using the right strategy, you should be able to complete RP missions with the help of these new features.

The RP mission notifier will allow you to easily see which royal pass challenges you need to complete. The new system will also notify you when your RP missions are complete. This will allow you to complete them without the need to use your time to find the missing missions. This new feature will make your RP gameplay even more rewarding. You will be able to complete these challenges in a matter of minutes, making them even more rewarding.

Protection shield

The Protection Shield BGMI 2.1 update is now available for download. With this update, players will be able to enjoy new outfits and exclusive rewards. Besides this, the game will receive many improvements on the server side and graphics. One of the main focuses of this update is the Ranked Arena Mode. Another feature of the 2.1 update is the Erangel Map.

The BGMI 2.1 update will have an estimated file size of 500 MB. The game’s update will be available on the play store or from third-party stores. It will include many new features and modes. Moreover, it will include additional game resource files. Therefore, users can expect the update to be out on June 21. The BGMI 2.1 update will be available for download on the play store.

New maps

The BGMI 2.1 update is coming soon. This will be the fourth update for the game this year, and it should include some awesome pieces of content. Krafton recently released their current update, which came just as the Royale Pass was about to end. This means that the update will be complete by July 17, 2022. But what can we expect from this update? Listed below are some things we can expect from it.

First, the BGMI update will allow players to engage in zombie combat. Zombies are a unique threat to players, because they are extremely powerful and can even have ranged attacks. There are plenty of ways to defend yourself against zombie attacks. The game is also known for its survival modes. If you are looking to try out the new game modes in Battlegrounds Mobile India, this update could be the perfect choice for you.

Free classic crate coupons

It’s possible that a free classic crate coupon for the BGMI 2.1 update will be included in this game’s upcoming 2.1 update. Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available on Android and iOS, so it’s very likely to come with this new update. Players can use these coupons to unlock new UC and silver coins in the game. The 2.1 update is expected to come out sometime in 2022.

The upcoming update for PUBG Mobile will also include a new crate, which contains pubg outfits. The exact release date has not yet been announced, but there are a number of leaks confirming an upcoming release. A number of fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new crate. To get one, make sure to subscribe to the official Pubg website.

RP mission

The upcoming BGMI 2.1 update is set to add a dedicated tab for RP missions. This tab is located in the mini-map section. By clicking on it, players will be able to see how many missions they still have left on the royal pass. This will make it much easier to check if you have finished all of your missions. If you’ve missed one, you can still continue your quest by following the prompts.

In addition to adding RP missions, the BGMI 2.1 update will include new items and skins. You can download the update from Playstore or any other third-party mobile app. After searching for the app, tap the update. After you’ve given it permission, restart your device to apply the changes. The BGMI 2.1 update will also add new awards and modes for players.

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