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Coronavirus – How Prime Minister Ehsaas’ Emergency Program Will Help the Poor

If you are suffering from the effects of Coronavirus, you may be interested to know about Prime Minister Ehsaas’s emergency cash program. In this article, you’ll learn how this cash program will help the poor. This program is being funded by Habib Bank Alfalfah. However, before we get to that part of the program, let’s understand how it will be funded.

Prime Minister Ehsaas’s emergency cash program

The Emergency Cash Program, launched by the Prime Minister Imran Khan, will help poor and needy families. It will provide Rs 12000 in handouts to each recipient in a four-month period. To qualify, applicants must send their CNIC number to 8171. This program will be active until April 19, 2020. It will help millions of Pakistanis. But how do you apply? Here are some instructions:

First, you must fill up the online application form. The Ehsaas Survey should be completed by July 31, 2021, otherwise a new registration process will begin. Make sure to fill the application form accurately and carefully. If you are unsure about whether you’re eligible, consult an expert. After filling out the application form, verify your biometrics to see if you qualify.

In Tirah Valley, Ehsaas has established Ehsaas Registration Desks to register deserving families and update the shock responsive registry. This initiative is part of the One Woman, One Account policy. It will help women plan for long-term goals while providing a source of emergency cash. Moreover, women can use the money to start a business or buy a car.

It aims to fight Coronavirus

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has deployed eight “community protection field teams” across the country to help combat the deadly virus. CDC has been working closely with state and local health departments in order to contain the outbreak. In the past two weeks, eight teams have been deployed to states where the coronavirus has been reported to be low. The goal of the program is to help states quickly identify and contain cases while preventing further outbreaks.

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