Whether you’re playing PUBG or BGMI, you’ve probably been searching for ways to improve your graphics in the game. Luckily, there’s an app that can help you with both of these needs. GFX Tool Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the visuals in any game, regardless of the platform. Unlike other apps, GFX Tool Pro is continually updating and evaluating new features before adding them to the final product.


IPAD VIEW GFX FOR BPM & PUB for Android lets you tweak graphics settings to improve the game’s visuals. This free application comes with advanced features like custom shadows and anti-aliasing. You can also enable HDR graphics and extreme FPS levels. It supports all versions of PUBG and offers beginner-friendly settings. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

The graphics on BGMI and PUBG are very beautiful, but it is too heavy for the phone. The game lags when it moves the details. Thankfully, the game has a custom graphics mode, but it isn’t enough. The app uses a graphical engine to improve the game’s fidelity, but it’s still not enough for many users. To fix these issues, IPAD VIEW GFX for BGM & PUB for Android has been created.

With this app, you can easily customize the visuals of every game. The app can also support modern games. You can choose the settings that best suit your device and the game. In addition, it will also evaluate any new features before they make it into the final product. The app is available for download from the play store. If you’re a gamer, it’s essential that you’ve got a high-quality graphics tool on your phone.

GFX Tool Pro is a free application that will allow you to customize the graphics of your favorite games. Unlike other apps, this app will also enable zero-lag setting for all budget and mid-range devices. In addition to improving graphics, GFX Tool Pro also solves low-end device overheating issues. Furthermore, it will also help you save battery life.


If you have ever played games on an Android device, you will know the pain of seeing poor quality graphics on your screen. However, you can avoid this problem by installing a program called GFX Tool Pro. This tool allows you to change the graphics settings in your games and optimize them to improve performance, battery life, and appearance. The developers of this tool have not yet revealed details about the application, but it does offer some benefits.

It supports a wide range of games, and you can install it on your device for free from the Play Store. Besides, this tool also allows you to unlock high-quality sound. It is essential for FPS games, because sound helps you enjoy your gameplay and helps you detect the direction of your enemies. Furthermore, GFX Tool Pro comes with a large number of useful features, including support for Android 11.

GFX Tool Pro allows you to customize your graphics settings to suit your game. You can even set your device’s visual settings to suit your needs. GFX Tool Pro is a free tool that lets you customize the graphics settings on your game. It is compatible with modern games, including games with HDR support. The app also evaluates new features before including them in the final product.

The GFX Tool Pro has a variety of features and is designed to improve the graphics quality of PUBG. Its basic interface makes it easy to use and has numerous settings that you can customize to increase the game’s performance. If you’re looking for a free PUBG app, try GFX Tool Pro. You’ll be happy with the result.

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