How much money can GTA Online players make in Cayo Perico every day?

GTA Online players could make more than five million dollars if the CayoPerico heist is completed at least once per day for a week.

This is only the tip of an iceberg. Cayo Perico is the most lucrative heist in all of the game. You can easily complete the heist in many ways. It can be tedious and time-consuming to complete the prepwork missions.

GTA Online players can always rely on the Cayo Perico Heist for all their grinding needs. They should consider how much they are making. This article will help you to see the monetary implications of all these payouts.

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Here’s a look into what GTA Online players do in a 7-day Cayo Perico grind

Minimum and maximum payouts

Payouts are dependent on the difficulty level. GTA Online players cannot activate Hard mode until they have completed the heist. Pavel will then send them another message asking them to go scouting the island once more. Players must complete this within 48 hours if they wish to increase the difficulty.

These are the minimum and maximum loot payouts. These will be determined randomly during the first heist prep missions.

  • Tequila: $900,000 (normal) / $990,000 (hard)
  • Ruby Necklace – $1,000,000 (normal), / $1,100,000. (hard).
  • Bearer Bonds: $1,100,000 (normal) / $1,210,000 (hard)
  • Pink Diamond – $1,300,000. (Normal) / $1.430,000 (Hard)
  • Panther Statue – $1,900,000. (normal) / 2,090,000 (hard).

Players can still look for secondary loot. Each item has a maximum weight limit, so players can only carry a limited amount. Here are the potential earnings they could make in one heist.

  • Cash: $85,000 – $90,000 (25% weight)
  • Weed: $147,870 (33% weight)
  • Cocaine: $220,095 (50% weight)
  • Painting: $189,500 (50% weight)
  • Gold: $332,184 (66% weight)
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The only thing that solo players can do is get a painting from El Rubio’s office is to be able to paint. To get the rest of the secondary loot, you will need another player. They will need to open a few double-keycard doors. Although there are many technical ways to get around this, it is very difficult for beginners.

Fees are required for players

GTA Online players must consider the maintenance costs for the Cayo Peruico heist. Before they can begin their prep missions, leaders must pay the setup fee. They will need to pay a small amount of $25,000 for this, which is not much.

After the heist is completed successfully, players will be required to forfeit 12% of their winnings. The total primary and secondary take in GTA Online determines this. Pavel will receive 2% of the cut. However, the fencing fee will be 10%. Some players may be required to pay hundreds of thousands.

These are the results from the grind

GTA Online players would have a lot of cash if they completed the heist every day for a week. If they got only the Tequila, here’s what solo players would make. This also includes the 12% cut due to various fees

  • Solo: $792,000
  • Solo (once a day, seven days per week): $5,544,000

This is the lowest payout for solo players. Sometimes, the primary target will be worth more than Tequila. Additionally, multiple players will receive higher payouts, especially if they have all the secondary loot.

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The only problem is that the payouts will need to be divided up among teams. GTA Online will reward solo players who can use the double keycard glitch.

There are still many opportunities for players to make more.

$5,544,000 in GTA Online is a good amount, but that’s not the total amount you can earn. A player could make at least $11,088,000 if they completed the heist two times per day for a week.

One can make more than $22,176,000. in a single month. This is enough to get them started for a while.

The Criminal Enterprises update will end the Cayo Perico grind starting July 26. GTA Online players will experience a three-day cooling off after they have completed the heist. These three days are only for the game and not for real life. GTA Online gamers will need to wait for a while.

In the meantime, the primary targets’ value will begin to decline within 72 hours. The secondary targets will see their values rise in return. This is a huge blow to solo players. This is why the article will only focus on one heist per day.

GTA Online encourages players to explore other sources of income, such as passive business income and sell missions.

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