NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, and YouTube income in July 2022

Nayan Shelke is a creator of Indian Free Fire content and uploads gameplay videos to YouTube. He runs the YouTube channel ‘Assassins Army’ with HuzzaiAsin. The channel publishes a variety of content related to games.

They have built a large following over the years. Their current subscriber count is 6.81 million and their view count is 865.68 millions, respectively. Nayan also started a channel called “Nayan Shelke Vlogs”, which currently has 69.8k subscribers.

This article includes stats and information about NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID.

NayanAsin’s Free Fire Max ID and stats

NayanAsin is the leader of the ‘ASSASIN ARMY’ guild. His Free Fire MAX ID number is 148880273. He is the leader for the ‘ASSASIN ARMEDY’ guild, which has an ID number of 60645836.

These are NayanAsin’s stats for the game:

Stats for life

NayanAsin played 878 solo games, and has 111 first place finishes. This gives him an 12.64% win rate. He has 1533 kills and 344 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 2.00 and a headshot rate of 22.44%.

He has won a total of 28.32% of 2168 duo matches, and is unbeaten in 614. He has a K/D ratio 3.65 and a headshot rate of 14.72%.

He also has played in 11768 Squad games and has 3360 wins, giving him a win rate 28.55%. He has 33018 frags, 6470 headshots and a K/D ratio 3.93. His headshot percentage is 19.60%.

Ranking stats

NayanAsin played one game in the current season’s Free Fire MAX. For a K/D ratio 2.00, he has scored two kills.

The YouTuber also played one duo match, but failed to win it or get a kill.

Nayan Shelke is a veteran of five matches in squad mode. He has one win and a win rate 20.00%. He has 10 kills and 3 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 2.50 and a headshot rate of 30.00%.

CS Career

NayanAsin is a member of Clash Squad with 2081 participations. He has won on 1374 occasions giving him a win rate 66.03%. For a KDA 1.95 and a headshot rate of 37.61%, he has 9392 kills as well as 3532 headshots.

Note: The Free Fire MAX stats for NayanAsin were not available at the time this article was written. These stats are subject to change as NayanAsin plays more matches.

NayanAsin’s YouTube income

Monthly YouTube income from the Assassins ARMY Channel is $4.1K to $65K. The yearly earnings are $48.8K up to $780.1K. Source: Social Blade

YouTube channel

Nayan and Huzzai run the Assassins ARMY YouTube channel. They have worked hard to be recognized as one of the most prominent content creators. They have uploaded over 750 videos since they started their journey. The most watched video has been viewed 36 million times.

According to Social Blade, the Assassins ARMY channel gained 30 000 subscribers and 16.252 millions views in the past 30 days.

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