Free Fire MAX OB35 confirmed features:

This month will see the release of Free Fire MAX OB35. It is the fourth major update this year. Many of the upcoming features can be found in the OB35 Advance Server. However, this update will allow players to access them all.

Like previous installments, the update will also improve characters, pets, as well as weapons. Teasers have been made available via the official accounts, giving gamers a glimpse of what developers have in store.

For a complete overview of the new features, please read on.

Fire MAX OB35 Update: New Features

Clash Squad (Map adjustment).

Clash Squad is one the primary modes of Free Fire MAX. Garena makes regular improvements to the mode in order to make it even more enjoyable. They have also made some changes to the spawn locations for Maze and Council Hall on Kalahari’s map.

Weapon Balancing

Garena offers optimal nerfs or buffs for in-game weapons with every update to Free Fire MAX. The following items are included in this update:


  • G36: Increased accuracy in range mode and firing rate in assault mode
  • M24: Higher damage
  • M1887: Greater effective range, firing speed, and lower damage
  • Famas III: Increased armor penetration
  • Scar: Better damage


  • M14-III: Lower firing rate
  • UMP: Reduced armor penetration

Character Adjustment (Miguel).

Because of their skills, characters are a crucial component to Free Fire MAX. Developers need to balance characters to make sure they are not too dominant or too weak.

Garena has now revealed Miguel as one character for adjustment. Crazy Slayer currently provides EP after eliminating an opponent. However, following the patch, the character can gain EP by simply knocking out other characters. This will boost his effectiveness when combined with K.

Bizon SMG

In the latest update, the Bizon SMG will be available on the Advance Server. Although it is powerful and can do high damage, players may find it difficult to control.

As developers already announced their partnership to the global icon, the update will also bring Justin Bieber’s ingame persona, J.Biebs.

The best part is that all previous updates included at least one pet. Hoot will be introduced to the title this time.

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