No Means No Bollywood Movie Review 2022

No Means No Bollywood Movie Review 2022

No Means No is an Indian drama film directed by Vikash Verma. The film stars Tiger Shroff, Manushi Chillar, Sharad Kapoor, and Rajat Arora. But is the movie worth watching? Let’s find out in this No Means No Bollywood Movie Review. We’ll also discuss the cast and what you can expect from the movie. There are some exciting twists and turns in this film that are sure to make you watch it again.

Tiger Shroff

The upcoming film from Tiger Shroff, ‘No Means No’, is the latest in the actor’s illustrious career. The story is based on a hacker who planned to steal the money of every Indian citizen. Trying to catch the hacker, Tiger enters Laila’s personal space and manages to get caught. But, in the end, he gets caught and is forced to stay undercover in order to catch Laila. Although a tense storyline may have entice the audience to watch the movie, the execution of the movie is terrible, and the movie never feels thrilling.

The movie is not only bad, but the acting is bad as well. The action sequences are drab, and Tiger Shroff fails to deliver any meaningful dialogues. In the film, Tiger Shroff talks through his body, as he has done throughout his career. This lack of a dialogue is a major problem, especially for a character like a sexy king who tries to save his wife, Tara.

Manushi Chillar

Akshay Kumar’s latest venture No Means No is a big-budget rom-com based on a historical Indian legend. The film also stars Manushi Chillar, who plays Chauhan’s wife Sanyogita. She looks radiant in the film and is a good dancer, but her heavy-duty emotions remain unexplored. Also starring Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt is the enigmatic Manushi Chhillar.

Akshay Kumar’s role as Prithviraj feels more like a myth than a real man. His character is benevolent, righteous, and all about female empowerment, but he doesn’t change very much. It’s a shame because the young king is a miscast character. Manushi Chillar, on the other hand, looks like Prithviraj Chauhan’s granddaughter.

Sharad Kapoor

No Means No is a romantic thriller film starring Gulshan Grover and Sharad Kapoor. It is directed by Vikash Verma and is based on a true story of women empowerment. The movie will release in the United States on 17 June 2022. The film also stars Gulshan Grover, Anna Guzik, and Deepraj Rana.

The film is set in the Chinese Winter Olympics of 2022. It features an unlikely group of characters, including an Indian hockey team and a Polish cricket team. The story follows the struggles and triumphs of a team, despite all odds. It also involves the challenges of teamwork, family, and friendship. In fact, the film was created as a way to help women succeed.

Rajat Arora

Known for his punchy dialogue, Rajat Arora has been working in the Indian film industry for more than two decades. Among his best-known works are the superhero movies, romantic comedies, and biopics. The director has also written the critically acclaimed gangster movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. This film’s heartbreaking dialogue earned it cult status.

The film is the sequel to the 2014 hit Ek Villain. The storyline is a bit different than the first film. It’s an action thriller, with various musicians providing the soundtrack. The movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Ekta Kapoor. Hopefully, this film will make a splash on the box office. If you love this genre of movies, it will surely give you many hours of entertainment.

Music by Hariharan

The Hindi language film No Means No is an action-drama directed by Vikash Verma. The cast includes Gulshan Grover, Neetu Chandra, Sharad Kapoor, and Armaan Kohli. Deepraj Rana, Nazia Hussain, and Dhruv Vermi also feature in the film. The movie is rated R. Despite its high rating, No Means No is far from perfect. It is one of the most entertaining films in Bollywood this year.

No Means No is a cross-genre action-drama that combines a teenage musical love story and a courtroom drama. Its twists and turns end with justice served. While there is a strong romantic thread in the film, it’s not a heartwarming one. There are some interesting plot twists in No Means No, and you should be prepared for a few tense scenes.


The storyline of ‘No Means No’ is an ode to women empowerment, and the film is aimed at uniting Poland and India. Interestingly, the film is based on a true story and features a talented cast of new faces. This film is a production of G7 Films Poland and stars an ensemble cast. If you love the Bollywood genre, you’ll enjoy this film.

The film was shot on location in Poland’s picturesque plains, and it features a ‘Sooryavanshi’ song recreated from Akshay Kumar’s ‘Mohra’ movie from the 90s. The film’s music was composed by Hariharan, known as the king of Indian cinema, and it’s performed by Shreya Ghoshal. The action and thrills continue as the film ends on a high note.

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