PUBG Lite ESP Hack Mod Apk Download v0.23.5

Name Pubg Lite
Publisher ApkParty.Com
Version v0.23.5
Size 103MB + 640MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated July 15, 2022
MOD Features Aimbot, No Recoil, Magic Bullets, Flashspeed


The PUBG Mobile LITE version is Lite Version of the PUBG Mobile that is smaller in terms of size and compatible with devices with low RAM.

In the game, players be able to perform a variety of activities and , in addition to the activities they can do many things, including communicating with friends online and creating an appearance. The game allows you to make use of a variety of hazardous weapons that will bring excitement to the players. A large number of amazing vehicles are available within the gameplay, which is enough to make you a part of this game.

PUBG MOBILE LITE offers fast-paced Matches, as well as a compact Map made for 60 players offering more interesting combat than the regular PUBG MOBILE game.

The game has been launched and has caught the attention of nearly everyone using its attractive features and applicability. All features of an upcoming match are available in the game. If you’re new to the game must be able to learn many things in order to play the game. If you’re an experienced player, you can choose difficult levels in which you have to take on dangerous tasks.

PUBG MOBILE LITE uses Unreal Engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG MOBILE game to create thrilling Arena Mode matches lasting 10 minutes or more. The game is compact and needs 600 MB of free space as well as 1GB of RAM to run smoothly.

There’s no chicken saga to play the game and defeat the opponent. It may take several days to develop that skill and then aim at your adversaries to identify the most effective shot.

Professional players are trying to discover this factor However, MOD APK players may make the best shot without even aiming at the goal. Always aim your weapon in the direction of the opponent and then push the flame.

Recoils from weapons are the most annoying thing to experience during any shooting competition. They do not only slow us down, they can also increase the risk of loss of life. That’s where the feature of no recoil helps everyone!

Unlimited Health

In the course of fighting every enemy on PUBG our health becomes the top priority. However, it also hinders our game’s manipulation. But don’t fret, because we have an PUBG Lite Mod Apk available to all of you.

This mod apk provides you with endless health and endurance in this game. You have the an excellent chance of becoming unstoppable and increasing your capabilities.

No Ban (Anti-Ban)

That’s right, it’s perfect! PUBG Lite is secure to use. However, we would recommend that you monitor the usage of all the characteristics discussed in this review. Make sure you are playing smart and do not try to grab the attention of the other players.


It doesn’t matter whether an enemy is hiding in a fence or tree, but you can see them and eliminate them by using the Wall feature. Furthermore, all vehicles, such as ammo weapons, weapons, falls medical kits, and many other items in the game are likely to be seen by players as well.


This boosts the speed of our game and provides a huge advantage to players in PUBG Light. The performance of these vehicles could be increased as well.

Perfect Headshots

PUBG The Lite version has more accurate and smooth headshots that are smooth and precise. The speed of your kills will certain to increase with the addition of this attribute. It is possible to eliminate your enemies from a distance.

No 3rd Party Ban

There’s no third-party ban that works with this Pubg Lite Lite version. You can enjoy and play without worrying about having to deal with a third-party ban.

Unlimited Everything

From the MOD APK for PUBG there are endless possibilities for guns, clothing, weapons, capabilities, maneuvers as well as a more enjoyable gaming experience. You don’t have to purchase everything here, as you’ll be able to download MOD APK for the entire PUBG game and purchase everything for free.

High jump

When you download the PUBG MOD Apk, you’ll be able perform a variety of often-used actions like high jumps. Players will get high jumps because they can leap over tall structures halls, buildings, schools flats, and a variety of containers in the dockyard.

New Guns

PUBG is famous for its collection of powerful and exciting guns. Players can make use of these guns to take on their opponents during the game and also use to protect themselves too. The guns include AKM, DP, M416 SLR, M249, the M762, SKS and others.. These firearms could totally destroy the enemy’s camp.

Use Unlimited

The players can play for as long as they want in this game for as long as they want. There is no limit to this game or in any manner. There are a lot of advantages for players, such as ban, weapon vehicles, cash and more. Six hours of that time can be avoided by the principal of the programmers to gamers who enjoy the game.

Cars flying

Players need not worry about the cars they drive in PUBG MOD as they’ll be able fly their vehicles in the game. There’s no need to worry about cubes that are thrown on the streets because you’ll be able to pilot your vehicles over these small objects on the streets. This feature is highly commendable in this particular edition of PUBG.

The speed of light

The players of the game are able to move with the speed of light. This typically means that they are able to get to their desired location until the enemy is killed. Their vehicles can communicate with the air and allow them to get into a safe zone prior to the time. These capabilities are only available through MOD APK.

Excellent Graphics & Audio

The amazing Unreal Engine 4 produces stunning visuals with astonishing subtlety, shrewd and sensible interactions, and an immense HD map, ideal to play Battle Royale. Immerse yourself into the world around you as you experience amazing sounds and rich 3D audio Effects

  • 1 – Aimbot
  • 2- Flash Speed
  • 3- No Recoil
  • 4- Magic Bullets
  • 5- Car Jump
  • 6- Black Body
  • 7- Unlimited UC & BC / Unlimited Money
  • 8- Esp MOD Menu
  • Download PUBG LITE MOD APK & OBB File From Below Link.
  • 2- Extract the OBB File > Copy-Paste to Android > obb
  • 3. Download the PUBG MOD APK (“Allow to download this app from this source” when requested)
  • 4- Use Any VPN App (Required)
  • 5- Open the PUBG MOBILE LITE App
  • 6-Enable “Display Over Other App” Permissions
  • 7Click on the Pubg MOD Menu Icon (Enable Mod Features according to your preferences)

The PUBG Lite ESP Hack mod apk allows you to see other players and vehicles through walls. This mod makes the game a lot easier, and allows you to win more easily. The mod can be downloaded for free from the internet.

PUBG Lite ESP Hack Mod Apk Download

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