pubg lite no recoil config

How to Apply the Pubg Lite No Recoil v1.3 config

If you are tired of seeing people banging you in pubg lite, you can apply the no recoil config file. It is available for download and easy to apply to your game. Moreover, this config file is anti-ban friendly. Read on to find out how to apply this config file. We have covered a lot of aspects to help you in this regard. Here are the most important things you should keep in mind while applying the no recoil config file.

Dosto ye config file ek anti ban config file hai

You may have heard of the config file, and wondered how it could prevent your account from being banned. Luckily, there’s a solution. Using the config file to prevent account bans is a fairly simple process. To get started, download the appropriate config file from the game’s website. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

You can download the appropriate config file for your game by using a script. Alternatively, you can find free tools online. These scripts are available to download, and they can help you hack games without getting banned. However, be sure to download the latest version to make sure it’s safe. If you’re worried about the anti-ban settings, download the latest version of the config file before playing.

Download of 0.22.2 0-RECOIL config file

If you are looking for the perfect config file for Pubg Lite, this is it! Download the latest version of Pubg Lite for free! The latest version features a number of tweaks for your game, including higher damage, no recoil, and gun skins! Get your copy today! You’ll have an edge over your opponents, and you’ll be able to kill opponents in a matter of seconds!

The newest version of Pubg Mobile Lite is based on the “New Features” section. This update hasn’t added a whole lot of new features, but it did bring Team Death Match Mode. This new update is available now for download from the official website. Before downloading, you’ll need to clear your phone’s data and enable the Unknown source option. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play!


You can set up a gyroscope in Pubg Lite to improve your aiming skills. In the game, you can do this by setting the sensitivity of the gyroscope. The sensitivity of the gyroscope varies depending on the scope you have. High sensitivity will cause you to fire in the wrong place or at the wrong angle. Setting the sensitivity to a low level will allow you to shoot at your targets without stressing your thumbs.

In PUBG Lite, you can set the sensitivity to a higher or lower level depending on your preferences. The sensitivity setting is critical because it senses the movement of your device and helps you monitor weapon recoil. Set the sensitivity as high as possible on low-end devices. The Free Look setting should not be too high or too low, but should be left at the default percentage.


If you are looking to get more damage with fewer chances of hitting your enemies, you need to use the Pubg lite no recoil v1.3 config ADS. This config will allow you to shoot from anywhere from 300-500 meters away. You can change the sensitivity of the ADS in order to get this configuration. If you’d like to get more range, try enabling the ADS sensitivity.

In addition to ADS, you can also adjust camera sensitivity. These settings work when you open your scope, so they are helpful for long-range sprays. Lastly, you can also use your smartphone’s gyroscope sensor. To use this feature, go to the Settings menu and enable the sensitivity settings. You can adjust the sensitivity to reduce or increase the recoil of different weapons. Using this sensitivity adjustment can increase your accuracy and reflexes.

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