PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update No Grass File Download (All Map Working)

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update No Grass File Download

If you’re looking to download the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update with no Grass, this article is for you. This new version includes many bug fixes, improved weapon accuracy, and much more. The update is completely safe to download and compatible with all versions of the game. It’s an absolute must-have for mobile players. And best of all, it’s free! Download now for free and get the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update removes Grass textures

The No Grass config file is the answer to removing ‘Grass’ from PUBG Mobile. This file removes all Grass textures from the game. This gives you a significant advantage over your opponents as it will make everything clearer and easier to see. However, you should be careful – illegal use of this mod could lead to permanent ban from Tencent Gaming.

PUBG Mobile has recently been updated with a no grass file. This 15-KB file will remove the grass texture from the game. This file can be used on all versions of the mobile game, as long as the player has the latest version installed. You can also use this file to improve the accuracy of your weapons. Once you download the No Grass file, you can copy it into the game to improve the game’s performance.

Another important change is that a new map, Miramar 2.0, will be introduced in PUBG Mobile. This map has a desert landscape instead of lush vegetation. Players will also notice that the electric circle will be smaller and slower. This will give them more time to rush to the safe zone. The update is currently rolling out worldwide and should be available to download by May 13.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update fixes bugs

PUBG Mobile is currently receiving a patch update to fix bugs and add new features. In addition to fixing bugs, the update also introduces a new map, Livik. This map will only be available after the game receives the new update. Here are some of the changes you can expect from the new update. Hopefully you will enjoy these new additions! After all, no game is complete without a patch update!

One of the most significant changes in the new update is the introduction of ranked mode. This new mode allows you to increase your ranking by completing certain tasks. The update also adds new content, such as a new spawn island based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme. In addition, the game has added rocket items that fall in a diamond-shaped object. You can now use these items to bolster your health and avoid death from falling.

PUBG Mobile developers fixed a bug in the game’s parachute distance on March 25. However, the glitch that makes you invincible at different distances has been affecting players since launch. This glitch makes players appear to be invincible and makes it impossible to shoot them. The patch will also address the competitive side of the problem. There were a few more bugs introduced by this new update, which are mentioned below.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update is 100% safe for mobile users

The PUBG Mobile 2.0 update has started rolling out for users on May 10, 2022, but some may have yet to receive it. Developers have updated their APK and application stores to reflect the new May 2022 version. The update introduces the new RP month, Livik Map, Utility Task Vehicle, Advanced Supply Zones, and many other improvements. The new version can be downloaded manually or via the application store.

As with the previous PUBG Mobile version, the new version features new maps and weapons. Livik has officially left the beta stage, and has been improved to be a shorter version of the original. The map’s focus on SMG and Shotgun use is ideal for short Battle Royale matches. Livik also introduced the FAMAS weapon type, which decimated competitors. The update also has new game modes.

The new version also features new content such as 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Ultimate Trendsetter 3D helmet. There are also improvements to the Achievement UI, and hidden achievements have been added. The update weighs 640MB on Android devices and 1.55GB on iOS. Those who play PUBG Mobile on a PC or a tablet should update their game as soon as possible to get the latest features.

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