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PUBG Mobile 2.2 Beta Or 2.2 APK Download Guide

If you are looking for PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta or 2.2 apk download, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are some helpful guides to help you download the new version of the popular battle royale game. You can also learn how to play the latest global version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 update

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is expected to hit most servers by the second or third week of September. Before playing the updated version of PUBG Mobile, make sure you’ve enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources. This will enable you to download new maps and modes. To enable the update, you’ll need to enable unknown sources in your Android settings.

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update comes with a bunch of new features and fixes for players. First off, this update adds a new map, Nusa. Second, it has a brand new mode called Gear Front. Finally, you can also expect a new UI. If you’re a fan of the game, then you’ll want to install this update immediately.

Another addition to the 2.2 update is the addition of new characters. The new characters include Riley and Sophia, who can be unlocked by collecting 600 UC and purchasing character vouchers. You’ll also be able to play on a new map called Nusa, which is smaller than Livik but still features plenty of resources. Players will be able to play with up to 32 players in a single game.

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PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta

PUBG Mobile is getting an update with a new beta version called PUBG Mobile 2.2. The update will fix bugs and add a new map and mode. The new version is now available for both Android and iOS users. As a beta tester, you’ll be able to access this new version of the game before it officially releases to the public on September 5.

To download the new beta version of PUBG Mobile, visit the official download page. Make sure you have enough space on your device and enable the Install from Unknown Sources option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to download the APK.

The new update also has a new game mode called the Erangel Gear Front. In this mode, players can choose from 8 different powers. The Erangel Gear Front also has various objects that you can use to improve your abilities, such as hot air balloons, orange garden party spots, stranger towns, and Recall towers. If you’re planning on playing this new mode, you’ll need to have enough storage to store the items you need to build for it.

PUBG Mobile 2.2

You can now download the latest version of PUBG Mobile for Android. This new version is known as PUBG Mobile 2.2 APK, and it comes with new modes and map options. You can download this latest version of PUBG Mobile from the official site or from Telegram. Just be sure to remove your old beta version before installing the new one.

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The new beta version is available for Android devices for testing, and it will improve your gaming experience. The update is scheduled to release on September 5-12, and it is already live for a limited number of users (20000). Moreover, this beta version includes several new features, including a new map and a new mode. Before downloading the PUBG Mobile 2.2 APK, make sure that your device has sufficient memory and space to download it.

This update will give you access to great rewards, such as weapons skins, outfits, parachutes, and more. This game has gained immense popularity among gamers around the world, and developers have continued to add new features to improve the game. Among these new features is the ability to play with up to four people at the same time.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 apk download

If you’ve been wanting to update your PUBG Mobile game, then you can now do so by downloading the new version. This new version will bring a new map and mode to the game, as well as eliminate several bugs and other glitches. PUBG Mobile 2.2 is expected to be available for download sometime between September 5 and 12. To download the game, make sure your phone has enough storage space and can handle the large file size.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 aph download includes a new game mode called Erangel Gear Front, which will allow you to choose between 8 different powers. This new map is also a little smaller, at just one kilometer square, and is perfect for close-range combat. In addition to this new map, you’ll be able to find different objects, such as a Ferris wheel, a strange town, and various amusements. All of these new features will change the meta in the game.

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PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta features a new Nusa map, which is a tropical vacationer island that’s designed to be more intense and exciting than the previous Livik map. In addition, the 2.2 beta version includes a new Gear Front themed sport mode that’s packed with new features and a revamped talent system. If you’re interested in playing this latest version before the public release, you can download the beta version of PUBG Mobile through the APK download below.

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