Real Time Personal GPS Tracker Live Location

Real Time Personal GPS Tracker

A Real Time Personal GPS Tracker is a device that gives you live location information of a mobile device. With its help, you can track your family members and employees. The device also supports geo-fencing, where you can set a particular area for notifications whenever the tracked user enters or leaves it. You can embed a map on your website to follow your customers. Besides, you can also use the GPS Tracker for educational purposes, such as to monitor your employees’ activities.

Amcrest AM-GL300

Amcrest AM-GL300 Real Time Personal Global Positioning System is a great choice if you want to track your vehicle or a loved one. It uses two-G networks to provide GPS tracking and has an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage alerts and generate custom reports. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, a free downloadable Amcrest App, and an easy-to-install software package. You can also use your Android or iOS smartphone to download the Amcrest AM-GL300 and install it on your mobile phone.

The Amcrest AM-GL300 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker is smaller than other similar devices, yet weighs just eight ounces. It is designed to fit in pockets and purses, making it easy to carry. The Amcrest GPS app allows you to define specific zones so that you can keep track of your loved one. You can set up an alert to notify you if your child leaves a car, and also view their last known location.

Autobrain GPS Tracker

If you have been looking for a real time GPS tracker that works for your car, then the Autobrain is the product for you. This GPS tracker plugs into a diagnostic port, typically found under the steering wheel, and allows you to receive live location updates and notifications. Once you install the Autobrain device, you will be able to monitor its exact location from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This GPS tracker comes with a free one-year service, and after that, you can purchase it for $9.97 a month. The company is environmentally conscious and is dedicated to recycling.

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In addition to live location updates, the Autobrain also provides maintenance reminders, trip reports, and emergency response capabilities. The app can even call your emergency contacts if you have a crash. It is also compatible with smart homes and can control the temperature in your house. The Autobrain app can also control the lights in your car and even detect car trouble codes. If you’re involved in an accident, the Autobrain app will contact customer assistance to help you. If you are driving alone, the GPS tracker will ask you to use a car service or make a personal call.


With the LandAirSea 54 real time GPS telematic device, you can keep track of the exact location of your car, motorcycle, or boat. Its waterproof design and super-strength magnet make it very easy to install and use. This tracking device also includes diagnostic reports, fuel and excessive RPM alerts, and historical data. You can sign up for a monthly subscription for a minimal cost to track your car.

This tracking device works with cellular data service to send tracking coordinates to a secure server. The faster the update rate, the more accurate the tracking data. You can choose from two different plans: economy, professional, or business. The monthly subscription plan is the best option if you only need to track your car periodically, while the yearly subscription is best if you need it for an extended period of time.


You can monitor your children’s activities in real-time by using a phone monitoring app such as FlexiSPY. This app is available for most Samsung Galaxy models but not Apple devices. You can select the version you want to use when ordering the FlexiSPY. The app can also be used to spy on other people’s phone calls. However, you must be aware of the disadvantages of FlexiSPY.

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The software is not very difficult to install, as it runs silently in the background of the targeted cell phone. The good thing is that you don’t even need to touch the device. This is important if you want to spy on someone’s phone. FlexiSPY is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is very easy to install on both. You won’t need to jailbreak iOS devices to install it.


If you are looking for a personal GPS tracking app that will show you where someone is at all times, you have found it! The Glympse app can be downloaded to an iPhone or Android device. The app also has a built-in messaging service and an SOS feature. Once you download the app, you can send the location of your friend or loved one to their circle, or to emergency contacts. The Glympse app is free and requires no sign-up.

This app will use the GPS capabilities of your mobile phone to display your location on a Web-based map. You can send the Glympse to your loved ones to let them know where you are at all times. The location can be shared instantly, via email, text message, or even third-party apps or websites. The recipients can then view your location in real-time. Once they receive the location, they can call or text you to find out where you are.


The Bouncie Real Time Personal GPS Tracker offers valuable insights that may be useful for a variety of purposes, from parents keeping track of their kids’ driving to business owners monitoring expenses. The features of the Bouncie vary depending on the purpose of the device, but each one includes a short description of how it works. For example, it might be useful for parents to know if their children are driving at higher speeds than they should be. If they were driving faster than they should be, the Bouncie would alert them. In addition, it doesn’t send the information until the vehicle stops.

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The Bouncie device works like port-based GPS trackers, sending trip data to your smartphone via the T-Mobile and AT&T networks. You can even set it to send you messages on the device’s screen! However, the Bouncie device isn’t free. It does cost $175 for a year’s subscription, which will allow you to track your car’s location and get reports on its health. It also offers insights to help you improve your driving skills.

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