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Sim Information System 668 Verification Code

People used to send SMS to PTA number “668” to get sim information in Pakistan. This only provided the total number of sims registered on a CNIC. This service does not show the network number is registered on, and is a paid service. We now offer a new sim information service to our customers.

You can check Sim information using our Sim Information system (or Live Tracker) by searching it directly on our website. For Sim information, you no longer need to text 668. Our Personal Tracker/Live Tracker will give you accurate and genuine information in less than a minute and without charging a penny.

Prior to our Live Sim information Tracker there was only one number (668) provided by PTA. You could check limited details via SMS, which costs money. But now you can access information directly from the website for free.

Sim Database Online 2022

Sim Database Online is the best sim tracker online to check sim number through CNIC Pakistan. This sim tracker allows you to check Sim details by number completely free. PakSim Ga allows you to track any mobile sim online.

668 Sim Information System

The Live Tracker Sim Information System makes it easy to view sim ownership and sim data online. This sim verification includes sim tracker, sim verification system. Pakdata Cf lets you track number online, and sim check.

Live Tracker | 668 Sim Information System

This allows you to trace your mobile number by both Sim number and CNIC number. However, you can only check the sim database with CNIC number for the 668 SMS-checking system. People used to have multiple SIMs and switch between networks. If an old sim is being used and the number doesn’t exist, we would need to recharge the credit to verify the number.

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Trace Mobile Numbers in Pakistan with Name/Number / CNIC

The government has issued 668 services and a law prohibiting Sims exceeding 5 in the last year. This service required that all Sims above the limit were blocked. To check the Sim card count, the network needed to contact the appropriate customer service center in order to block the sim.

This service is available in text form and on the government website PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). They provide exactly the same result. This process is also called Reverse Phone Lookup in foreign countries.

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