GTA Online: How to replenish snacks after Criminal Enterprises update

GTA Online players should know how to get their hands on their favorite snacks following an update to the Criminal Enterprises update.

Sometimes, players need to rest during an intense shootout. Everyone can find an unintentional snack bar. But, they don’t have unlimited spaces inside their purses. If they can’t replenish their food, they’ll eventually be depleted.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises has made it simpler to use snacks during combat. But, players must be aware of where to replenish their snack stash. It is not a good idea to be exhausted during a tense combat. It’s always wise to be prepared for any eventuality during this game.

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Refilling snacks is now easier than ever before GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

The first and most important thing is that GTA Online players must find the nearest convenience store. They will be identified on the map to ensure they’re easier to locate.

Customers must walk towards the cashier, and then follow the to the screen. The store, however, will close if there is a robbery.

The players can also purchase snacks from several businesses they own. Here are some examples of the game:

  • Executive Office: Visit the reception desk at the front of the building.
  • Auto Shop Go to the snack bar in the shop
  • Facility Start by heading to the main lobby
  • Kosatka Take a look into the kitchen

All of these snacks can be replenished, without the need to pay any item. It’s the sole one that requires a prepayment. Most of the time the convenience store is usually only for those who are new and don’t yet have a home.

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Players are now able to access snacks by using the Weapon Wheel

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises has added combat healing to the game. The prior method was based on the following steps:

  • Go to the Interaction Menu
  • Click on Inventory
  • Go to Snacks
  • Choose any of the items

But, pulling it off is much more straightforward than accomplished in the course of a shootout. GTA Online players will have to be cautious when they wish to bring to an Interaction Menu. If they didn’t, they’d be a very easy target.

The good news is that this Criminal Enterprises update gives them new ways to operate:

  • Keep the button for the Weapon Wheel button
  • Take a look at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • The players will be provided with only one input button to consume snacks

Like the previous example, GTA Online players will fast eat their food. Be aware that players can only have a limited number of snack items within their bag. These are the snacks they must have in their inventory:

  • P’s & Q’s
  • EgoChasers
  • Meteorites
  • eColas

The players should make sure that they have enough snacks prior to entering dangerous situations, be it an office or public space or Heist-related mission.

Snacks can save players’ life

If a player’s health has become at risk, they will eventually improve to a certain level. However, this process can take some time during GTA Online. The players shouldn’t lose that much time playing shooting.

Because of this, snacks are essential as a support item during the game. With their assistance players can get an entire recovery in just a few minutes.

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