How to play new Criminal Career missions in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online finally got its long-awaited summer DLC in the form of Criminal Enterprises on July 26. The huge update introduced a number of modifications and added new content to the game.

As for changes in the criminal world, all careers -such as Biker and CEO, Gunrunner and Nightclub Owner — were subject to massive changes. There are many different methods to earn more.

Criminal Enterprises has made businesses in GTA Online fun again


The update brought new features that make the MC Clubhouse worth the time. In the past, people only went to it to purchase businesses.

The MC Clubhouse now has a fully functioning bar, with Sindy as the bar’s manager providing drinks for thirsty customers. However, managing the bar is a way of the club making passive income.

To ensure that everything is running well, the presidents need to replenish the bar each time to ensure that cash flows.

The missions are simple and are triggered through a conversation with Sindy in the back of the bar. When they start, participants are required to visit the location marked, then take the items and return them. There might be rival clubs, as well as law enforcement officers who are on the lookout however.

GTA Online Bikers also have two new Clubhouse contracts to be completed. They are activated by interfacing with posters located in the room for conference.

A mission titled Life and Death and involves using The Arena Wars Death Bike. The gamers are initially tasked with get a concept bike and inflict chaos on rival gangs such Kkangpae, Vagos, and Ballas.

The second mission, which is new to the game, is known as Hit the Roof, and just like the name implies it is a gunfight on rooftops. Players must go to two different locations to remove all enemies from the roof, before using Cargobob to take down the enemy. Cargobob to remove containers with a surprise.

The most recent modification in the Bikers career happens through The Custom Motorcycle Garage, which can be used to modify and ship bikes to NPCs. It’s quite similar with GTA Online’s Auto Shop that is available in GTA Online.

However, presidents can’t charge employees with delivering the bikes, which are produced in the Clubhouse. The bikes are notified when they have done.


CEO Crates has always been a favorite company, and now with this Criminal Enterprises update, users are sure to appreciate this even more.

The most significant change is from the new staff members for the warehouse. Lupe has been appointed as the warehouse manager and employees can be in contact directly with them (or their team in the event that there’s multiple warehouses) within the warehouse. Lupe helps to source more crates to allow gamers to enjoy a bit of time off.

The team is charged $7,500 and buys three, two, or three crates on a random basis. This is an excellent alternative as it gives an aspect of passiveness to the business that needs the most effort.

A new cargo in shape of Mixed Goods is available once every day (48 minutes in real time). Players can speak to the office staff to determine the location of the flatbed vehicle that is storing the items.

After the purchase, the truck is required to be transported to the Terminal to be paid. This isn’t dependent on bonuses with high demand in public lobby areas.

GTA Online grinders also got two brand new crate-sourcing missions to increase the variety and enjoyment.

But, the initial mission is very difficult and takes a long time. Unfortunately, those trying to find one crate may be faced with this task. It is recommended to switch lobby locations once they notice one of the two options: Go for Hookies or Del Perro Beach.

The second mission isn’t quite as bad however it’s not simple neither. It’s about gamers storming the Auto Shop full of enemies to steal a fully loaded van.

Nightclub Owner

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises DLC also showered many affections on the Nightclub as well as its warehouse.

To begin, players should start by calling Tony to initiate Nightclub Popularity missions. The percentage of Popularity can be seen after the call has been connected. Two new tasks are in place to keep the Nightclub active and relevant.

The first task they are given is with taking down a drug-related operation that is owned by a group of people who claim to be the official distributors of the most popular nightclub in town.

The second mission involves the players locating evidence for Tony. They need to enter the home of the journalist and install an infection on his computer. The paparazzi need to be killed and the evidence must be delivered at the Nightclub.

Nightclub owners should also be responsible for guests who come in but are unable to leave. That is, the owners are now receiving texts from Marcel about guests causing an uproar. The majority of missions last about 30 seconds, while ones that involve VIPs require some time.

Moving to the actual profit-making, the warehouses have also seen a few modifications made to the warehouses.

Similar to Lupe in the CEO warehouses, the Nightclub also features Yohan. But, he interacts with the gamers via phone.

When they call him, the owners can begin the sourcing of crate to the Nightclub. While they are on the phone they can check the worth and the percent of stock in the warehouse too.

The warehouse was largely inactive prior to when the Criminal Enterprises update, but now, players are able to increase the rate of filling up by finding additional containers.

GTA Online gamers can now make a call to Tony and ask for his Patriot Stretch Limo or his personal vehicle. Many people will believe that this is not worth it, but these vehicles have a secret benefit. They’re armored, and can be able to tank up three homing missiles before they explode.


The Bunker also has some new features that gamers will enjoy.

For the first time, GTA Online players can start by calling Agent 14 and launch research missions to boost their speed. A man with a minigun is engaged in a gunfight with the police, while Gunrunners must eliminate each faction before they can receive the item for research to increase the 20 to 25% bar.

As with the CEO Crates there are two brand new Bunker Resupply missions. The first mission lets GTA Online users kill a group of smugglers. They then return their air-dropped supplies to their base.

Another new task they have is hacking an PC that will reveal the whereabouts of the Bombushka. The plane has to be hackable in order to show the exact location items that need to be gathered and then transported back in the Bunker.

The gunrunning company also makes extra stock in the present. The stock can be delivered to a specific Ammu-Nation location every day to earn additional money.

GTA Online fans can also contact Agent 14 to spawn in vehicles similar to Tony. However, they aren’t explosive or bulletproof in any manner.

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