GTA Online Summer Update 2022 confirmed changes and new features revealed

GTA Online is back and better than ever with the Summer Update for 2022. This update includes new Jobs, vehicles, weapons and more. There’s also a new heist: The Humane Labs Raid. The new jobs include the Paramedic and Photographer, which are both essential for keeping players safe in GTA Online. In addition to all of the new content, Rockstar has also made numerous updates and adjustments to the game, including bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

GTA Online is preparing for a major content update that will arrive at the end of March. Rockstar Games has confirmed that there will be a number of changes and new features in the update. Rockstar Games has also shared the direction the game will go in the near future.

This article covers all major changes and improvements that will be made to the software in the coming update. This article focuses mainly on the official announcements of the updates, but there are also unofficial leaks.

Rockstar Games has revealed all details concerning the 2022 GTA Online Summer Update

Quality-of-life upgrades

The upcoming Summer Update will include some of the long-requested enhancements requested by the community. It will be easier for people to obtain snacks and armor. The Oppressor Mk 2’s effectiveness in homing missiles will be reduced and countermeasures will be implemented. Also, sell missions will now be possible only through Invite Only sessions.

Rockstar reveals that these are only a few of the quality-of life upgrades GTA Online players will get this summer. Rockstar stated that they will continue to add more player input and make additional changes based upon the feedback. The community will surely appreciate the modifications, as they are based on player feedback.


Rockstar will raise some cash rewards for gamers who play all game modes to compensate them for their time. Rockstar believes that increasing these rewards will allow users to be more flexible and get what they want quicker. This is logical, as it would remove the need to grind repetitively, which could be a huge benefit for the playerbase.

According to Rockstar, the payouts for Associates, Bodyguards and MC members will rise. This is an attempt to encourage and reward cooperative play in GTA Online. This will also mean that there will be higher cash bonuses for certain activities such as Adversary mode, Races, and Heist Finales.


In the next GTA Online update, we will expand on the Executive, Biker and Gunrunner Criminal Careers. This feature was introduced in the next-gen editions of GTA 5 and could soon be available on other platforms. The feature will also include a series contact missions that allow players to be recruited to IAA as special field agents to investigate a new criminal conspiracy.

Rockstar also pledged that the game would remain dynamic and constantly changing. This will be achieved through seasonal-themed content updates, activities, additional bonuses and rewards, as well as challenges created specifically for the player community.

Unofficial leaks

The GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is finally here! This massive update includes new modes, vehicles, clothes, and more. So jump into your favorite car and hit the streets of Los Santos for some serious summer fun. Don’t miss out on all the action, watch the video now!

Rockstar has already revealed the details, but popular GTA Online dataminer alloc8r leaked additional information. He claims that the game will add 26 additional vehicle slots. The next update will include skydiving, which is a brand new activity. A new collectible “skydive”, is expected to be added with the next update.

According to reports, two new rifles will be made available. One of these is the Tactical Rifle. A new activity will also be available outside of the San Andreas map. According to the dataminer, the codename of the next Summer Update was “DLC 1 2022”.

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