Prices for all HSW vehicles in GTA Online

GTA Online has nearly a dozen HSW vehicles, each with different costs. Each one can be purchased for over a million dollars. Some vehicles can even go as high as several million. It’s worthwhile to look at each option individually and see the total price. This is the cost of the vehicle as well as the HSW Mod upgrade.

This article will be about the 11 HSW vehicles currently available in GTA Online as at July 2022. This list will not include any new HSW vehicles. Each vehicle can now run significantly faster than it was before HSW modifications, often making them one of the fastest in their vehicle class.

All prices for GTA Online’s HSW cars

Here is a list of all HSW vehicles and their total costs:

  • Arbiter GT: $1,955,000
  • Astron Custom: $2,115,000
  • Banshee: $1,945,000
  • Brioso R/A: $1,252,500
  • Coil Cyclone II: $2,725,000
  • Deveste Eight: $2,905,000
  • Hakuchou Drag: $2,426,000
  • S95: $2,520,000
  • Sentinel XS: $1,365,300
  • Turismo Classic: $1,602,000
  • Weaponized Ignus: $3,745,000

By comparison, here are the prices for just the individual vehicle with no modifications attached:

  • Arbiter GT: $1,580,000
  • Astron Custom: $1,720,000
  • Banshee: $105,000
  • Brioso R/A: $155,000
  • Coil Cyclone II: $2,250,000
  • Deveste Eight: $1,795,000
  • Hakuchou Drag: $976,000
  • S95: $1,995,000
  • Sentinel XS: $60,000
  • Turismo Classic: $705,000
  • Weaponized Ignus: $3,245,000
Likewise, here are the prices for just the actual HSW modification:
    • Arbiter GT: $375,000
    • Astron Custom: $395,000
    • Banshee: $1,840,000
    • Brioso R/A: $1,097,500
    • Coil Cyclone II: $475,000
    • Deveste Eight: $1,110,000
    • Hakuchou Drag: $1,450,000
    • S95: $525,000
    • Sentinel XS: $1,305,300
    • Turismo Classic: $897,000
    • Weaponized Ignus: $500,000

GTA Online players can get the Brioso R/A HSW vehicle at the lowest price, while the Weaponized Ignus is the most expensive. S.

Also, free vehicles the player receives are not considered when calculating these prices. This guide is for beginners, who may not have any and want to know the cost. This section will focus on top speed, which is something that some players consider very important.

All HSW vehicles can reach top speed

This is the maximum speed for each vehicle, with all modifications, as determined and calculated by Broughy1322

  • Arbiter GT: 141.25 mph
  • Astron Custom: 137 mph
  • Banshee: 153 mph
  • Brioso R/A: 124.75 mph
  • Coil Cyclone II: 141 mph
  • Deveste Eight: 151.75 mph
  • Hakuchou Drag: 157.5 mph
  • S95: 155.5 mph
  • Sentinel XS: 137.75 mph
  • Turismo Classic: 150.5 mph
  • Weaponized Ignus: 146.25 mph

The Brioso R/A is the slowest, and the Hakuchou Drag is the fastest. Many of these HSW vehicles are among the fastest in their respective vehicle classes in GTA Online. The player will choose which one is most appealing based on many factors. This guide will help them decide what vehicle to buy based on their budget.

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